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Rainbows after the rain

This weekend we had rain.

Friday was very warm and looking like a nice day to go to the beach, but I had to work.

I felt like I hardly got any work done, because I was daydreaming about the weather.

Saturday was my day off.

Since I never fixed the leaking brake on the Red Car, it got more air in the brake lines.
I didn't lose the brakes this time, it just made a light go on.

I was in dismay.
Earlier in the week, Don the mechanic told me that he couldn't work on my transmission for the Green car, because he was really and truly closing his shop at the end of the month.
However, since the brake problem was not a big job, he agreed to help.

There were a few friends there.

Don was moving parts from his son's car to another, so they could be sold.

His shop was not looking like he was moving very soon.
It looked the same as usual, just packed with parts from top to bottom.

After he fixed my brake (temporarily, because I have not bought the part yet)
it rained quite a bit.
It was…

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