Friday, February 23, 2018

The month in review

It has been a few weeks since the renovations ended, and everything is still a mess!

My friends want to see pictures of the house, but it's still too messy!

I've been spending much of my free time putting things back into cabinets and closets.

Now, the workers are gone and my art things are back in place. Kinda.

Here is the cat taking a nap on in a big file cabinet of nothing important except magazine clippings.

I haven't gotten back to making art every day...
It's my goal, but it's been awhile since I stopped doing that, and it's hard to get back there.

I still made more art than I have in awhile.

I made a grid in my sketchbook!

Then I drew a fashion model behind it.

I also made some collages.

Here, I was inspired by Elon Musk launching his Tesla into space.

I'm glad the video feed ended quickly, because seeing the car drifting in space was eerie.

This week, I made some collages with more time and contemplation, about some dreams I had.

This was a dream about my caring for Mom when she was in a catatonic state.
In the dream Mom was also my daughter.
I don't have a daughter.

In this dream I was trying to save hummingbirds the cat had mauled.

Yesterday, I even started a beaded necklace, inspired by this magazine picture:

The colors reminded me of the 80's and 90's, and New Age music that I was fond of.

I couldn't find anything in my collection of beads to resemble those stones.

Instead I found some iridescent "pearls" and turquoise.

I used some beads from a bracelet that I never wore.

Here is the results.

I took a picture outside, to really bring out the colors.

It is still a long way off from what I intended, but a step in the right direction.

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

The end is in sight

We are reaching the end of our renovations.

The wood floors have just been finished a few moments ago.

Here is the living room:

(This picture shows a better example of the color, but in some of the pictures, the flash makes it look a little pale.)

It was hard to choose a color that went with our mixed colored furniture, but I'm happy with it.

This weekend, I visited friends who just bought a newly remodeled home a few blocks away.
It had gray laminate floors, gray walls, and an all-white kitchen, which is the trend.

It looked great, but we didn't pick those colors, because it just wouldn't go with our stuff.
We're just not that modern!

The cat is happy to have a clean place to lie down.

For a while the bedrooms had things piled up in them.

My drawing room was not usable for many days.

The workers used it to store their tools, and the closet doors.

My bedroom was done today.

Here you can see the color the walls ended up:

Also, the different layers of the floor: The finished floor in the foreground, the thin layer of blue foam, the plywood underneath, and the old dirty tile in the back.

We can't move things back into place, however, until the base boards go around the bottom of the walls.

We have to wait for the person who painted the indoors to do the baseboards.
It's very frustrating to have to wait!
Today was another day off I could have spent putting things back in their place.

Meanwhile, the exterior of the house is being covered with a coat of primer.

We picked a light blue with a white trim.

For awhile today, I was afraid the primer was the finished color!

Friday, February 2, 2018


This week, the workers were going to install the laminate floors.

Unfortunately, there was a problem.

There is this old linoleum tile floor that was under the carpet.

The tiles are coming loose.
Though the laminate floor will have a foam padding under it, the loose tiles would still be noisy.

The tiles also can't be removed in an economic way, because it probably contain asbestos.

The floor installers gave us the option of going back to carpet.
Another option was to cover the tile floor with a layer of plywood.
We decided to go with the second option.

They left with us this pile of flooring for the rest of the week.

This afternoon, at last, they brought the plywood.
They will begin to install the floors tomorrow morning.

Part of the renovation includes painting the exterior of the house.

Today, those workers came and pressure washed the exterior of the house, and sanded down the trim.

They are also going to paint the patio, because it is also the outside color.

The patio is still piled up with books and boxes!
The mess and disorder can be exasperating, but at last the end is in sight.

Today at church we celebrated Candlemas, or Dia de La Candelaria.
It is a combination of different celebrations, mostly involving candles and the presentation of the child Jesus to the church, 40 days after his birth.

I only sold 100 candles this evening, which was hardly any...

People brought their statues of Jesus to be blessed.
They dress their Child with elaborate clothes and thrones.

Everyone places their Jesus on the altar, and at the end of the Mass, there is a chaotic scene as everyone rushes to get their statue back.
(This year, they gave everyone a ticket, and it had to match the ticket on the statue.)

This Jesus lost his shoe and hat in the melee.

Every member in this family had their own Jesus!

The large one was exquisite, and lifelike.

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Trapped in a room with a computer.

Today I am trapped in my garage.

The workers are removing the carpet and popcorn ceiling, and paint the walls in the living room and my bedroom.

Luckily, the desk with my computer is in the garage.

I had some time to kill before work, so I decided to blog a little more about the remodeling.

Parts of my kitchen are starting to look normal.

I have had the stove back in place for about a week!

The first thing I made was a pizza! (Not this little one, a great big one.)

I hate soggy, microwave pizza.

We were supposed to put a tall china cabinet against this wall:

However the design of the new cabinets now doesn't leave enough room for it.

I found this old buffet out in the patio.

It used to be in our kitchen when we were kids.
Dad had built some shelves to go above it, for china.
After a years it just began to go from room to room, and collecting junk.

Now it is a buffet table, again!

I put all of my tea in the top drawer.

The other, tall china cabinet is on an opposite wall behind the table.

I can't take a picture of it because it is full of knick nacks that I had to remove from the living room.

Mom had a lot of things in yet another curio cabinet, in the living room.

Yesterday when I  cleaning it out so it could be moved, I found a priceless find.

Many years ago, Mom began to write her memoirs in this little book.

I remembered her writing in a book, but she kept it hidden away.

I had never read it until now.

Each page had a little prompt and she wrote a bit on each topic.

I recognized stories she would tell us about her childhood.

She worked as a secretary, but the writing this book was personal and informal.
It was a little strange to read her writing in this style.

I am going to scan in the pages and send them to my siblings, right away!

Friday, January 26, 2018

Signs of spring

Thursday, we had some really amazing clouds, although it didn't rain.

On Sunday I saw this monarch butterfly outside the office, and I realized that time is passing.


At home on monday, I saw this yellow sulfur butterfly on my lemon bush.

It seemed to know it matched the lemons!

The workers have removed the carpet from every room except the living room.

They started painting Dad's bedroom.

He picked an unfortunate shade of pale green for the walls.

Maybe I should have helped him pick out the color, but I was busy taking a nap.

I probably would have picked a beige color for his room, anyway.

I went to Home Depot and picked out colors for my bedroom and the spare bedroom.

Two years ago exactly, I painted the bedroom a purplish gray.

This year I changed my shabby white drawers for some dark Ikea furniture, and now the whole thing seems a little dark.

I am picking a lighter shade of purplish gray.

For the spare bedroom I am picking a cream color instead of light orange.

This paint brand came with cards that help you coordinate the colors.

I can't wait to use the spare bedroom again for making art!

I mean, I literally could not wait.

When there's no one around, I go in there and use my sketchbook on the huge drafting table that nobody can move.

The workers left a pile of junk in the middle of the room!

Not as bad as the pile of junk outside, that I took out of there!

They have removed carpet from every room except the living room, which they will probably do today.

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Organized chaos?

I spent all weekend moving boxes, of mostly crap, to the patio.

Yet the largest furniture, like our beds, are still in our bedrooms.

There is no where left to put things!

The workers came yesterday and began removing the popcorn ceiling.

We took down dozes of picture frames.

Now the walls look so bare!

Here is the denuded living room.

I'm glad we are getting rid of the dingy carpet and walls!

They also removed the carpet from the spare bedroom where I used to do my drawing.

Here is a part of the room, which I wasn't able to completely empty over the weekend.

Somehow, they managed to move these super heavy file cabinets.

Hopefully they won't want to paint inside the closet. I have too many books!

This Ikea shelf unit is also pretty heavy.

It was also full of books and papers...

They said they will be able to install the floors in the same way, moving the heavy stuff from one side of the room to the other.

Today is trash day. The trash and recycle cans are already full.

It's also my day off, and I plan to fill the trash cans again by then end of the day!

Yesterday we picked out the color of the laminate floors.

Our living room is full of furniture of various finishes, so it was hard to pick out a color that went with everything.

Dark brown and gray are very modern and trendy, which our home is not.

Also I'm sure dark brown will show up the dust right away, like a black car!

I have a strong dislike to light pine:

Different cherry colors were too colorful, and seemed to clash with the furniture:

In the end we picked out a rustic wood with a lot of texture, kind of like this one:

( It was a little bit more colorful )

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Kitchen almost done... Spring Cleaning

Sorry about not updating... It's been a crazy week.

Early in the week, the appliances were installed in the kitchen.

The refrigerator and stove are now no longer in the middle of the living room!

Dad and I spent all week putting things away in the cabinets.

(The new kitchen is now a mess, so I didn't take any pictures.)

Also, the workers replaced the old pipes throughout the house.

Most of the pipes were removed through the attic, but they did make quite a few holes, for instance in the walls by the water heater, and the back bathroom.

These holes will be patched up after another inspection.

They installed a shower knob that goes, from left to right:

Boiling Hot(left), OFF (straight up), Freezing cold (right), and Tepid (down).

I hate it! The tepid setting is not hot enough to take a proper shower.

Either they installed it upside down or it's some kind of safety feature?

Also the new dishwasher doesn't drain properly.

Hopefully these problems will be resolved before they leave.

Dad decided to extend the loan a few more years.

We are removing the cruddy carpet and popcorn ceiling, and repainting the walls, and installing laminate floors!

Starting now!

I was upset for awhile about the extra cost, and especially having to empty my rooms NOW.

However, this will be the last of the renovations the house will need for a long time.

Also, the spare bedroom where I used to draw and make things had become a horrible hoard of junk.

I hope I will be inspired once I throw out alot of junk, and start over new.