Saturday, January 13, 2018

Kitchen remodel update.

Sorry for not posting any updates!

I have not been feeling very creative lately...

All the work going around the house is distracting.

Dad decided he would get a loan, and the construction company is re-doing the water pipes on the house, as well!

This is good news, because the house needs it.

We don't have any leaks yet, but at the church office, they didn't replace their pipes, and the plumbing situation is a mess.

The pipes burst and this hole has been in the accountant's office ceiling for more than a year.

The decision to do the pipes on the house made another slight delay in the work on the kitchen.

We got a dishwasher and a microwave, but the workers are putting in pipes in other parts of the house first.

The sink is still not connected, either.

Here are some of the tables I saw on Sunday when I went to the antique shops:

Most of them required the purchase of 6 other chairs, and I already have 6 chairs.

Some had a lot of character, but they were just not right for the kitchen.

This one was the style I was looking for, but just too used:

This shop with a lot of 70's furniture also had a creepy mannequin mascot.

Hi there!

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Kitchen remodel update: In search of a table Part 1

The cabinets were installed over the weekend.

They are looking better than I could imagine.

( The sink is not going to be by the window. )

Here is a close up of the drawer pulls we picked out:

The city made its electrical inspection today, and everything is good to go!

Tomorrow, the counter top will arrive!

After that, there's one final inspection, and then we can start to put things away, at last.

One thing we got rid of while remodeling the kitchen was a large table.

Somebody moving to a smaller house gave this to our mom .
(she gave the neighbor the older table we had when we were kids.)

With the three additional panels it stretches out to 8 feet!

We don't have a family that big anymore, so we decided to give it to the church.

Now it is in a meeting room.

I think they need to put a brace under it...

We decided we wanted a table that was smaller, and round.

We had six oak colored chairs from the old table, and they were still good.

The kitchen is starting to have a rustic, country style, (although we didn't start out with any style in mind.)

I decided to find a round, sturdy oak table, to go with the chairs.

Ikea was the first place I went to look.

They had this table for about $350, but it doesn't come in a wood color.

Everything else I saw at Ikea looked flimsy, like a card table, or like a giant picnic table.

Another day, I went to the Salvation Army, but you have to be lucky, and I wasn't in luck.

I also checked out Living Spaces, which is a gigantic store with gigantic furniture...
It's a bit expensive, but also nothing in there looked like it would fit in my house.

I went online, and saw many interesting things, but I like to see stuff in person.

On Sunday, I went to the Orange Circle and checked out the antique shops.

I realized I had not been there in over 10 years!

I love old stuff, which is why I deliberately avoid that place...

To be continued...

Thursday, January 4, 2018

What's better than a box full of surprises?

What's better than a box full of surprises?

An empty box!

Especially if you're a cat.

Yesterday the project managers came to see how we thought they were doing.

Dad said 8 out of 10, but I disagree.

I was at work, though.

At first they said they would start on the cabinets Monday, which was a disappointment.

But they changed their mind and started today!

Suddenly we had to pick out the drawer knobs or pulls.

This was really hard, because I love picking out fancy drawer knobs, and things like that!

I didn't have enough time to think about it, and there wasn't time to order anything online.

These are some drawer pulls I saw at stores:

In the end, we agreed on dark bronze pulls, and no knobs.

(the ones we picked out are not pictured)

Maybe in the future, I will change them out with something really unique!

Today I also got my hair done, and a straight blow dry.

I asked my hairdresser to take a picture of my hair.

I thought it was a good picture, because my hair is never this tidy and straight!

And the bit sticking up was funny.

After the cabinet workers went away, the cat came out of hiding and inspected the kitchen.

Their tool cart is where the refrigerator will go.

I was surprised by the pretty color pattern on the front of the drawers.

It has been several weeks since I saw the sample we selected.

There are a few issues with things that don't seem to line up...

But when the workers were leaving, they said not to panic, it's not hardly done and they would resolve them the next day.

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Lots of Boxes!

Today the cabinets arrived!

We picked this brown color from an unexciting choice of colors.

(the color can be seen on the large panel in the background, that will go around the refrigerator.)

They measured again, for the countertop.

I was very uninspired by the choices we had for the colors on the countertop, and I don't think I will like the very light gray "quartz" color.
I should have picked something more exciting.

The painter was supposed to come today and finish, but we didn't hear from him.

We are still pending another electrical inspection.

The cat is happy with all her new boxes.

The dog would like to jump onto the boxes and get his picture taken, too!

Hmm. I think I need to clean off my phone camera lens...

Monday, January 1, 2018

Happy New Year!

This Christmas, I got a gift of beads!

My sister sent me some beads from the Fire Mountain company.

They were mostly agate or jade-like beads, in colors which I didn't have.

I had been thinking very long about earth toned beads, lately.

Very specifically, I had been wondering about the meanings of the Tibetan prayer beads.

I had tried to copy this bracelet from the Sundance company, (mine is on the botom) but I couldn't really come close because I didn't have enough of those kind of beads.

My sister has ESP!

The bead catalog is also fun. I can't find what I need at places like Michael's, anymore.

Dad also gave me a couple bracelet-making kits.

I haven't made anything with the new stuff, yet.

It took a few days just to sort everything out and put in its place.

The kitchen is not ready for the new year, yet.

The city came by on the 27th and made the inspection.

They disapproved of a few things.

For instance the outlets all needed child safety caps.

Also the new electrical box outside had to be bigger.

Luckily, the project got the go-ahead, and the workers could continue working.

The electrician came and made the changes, which was another long day of keeping the dogs in a bedroom.

The painter came by and plastered and sanded almost all the walls to fix the holes the electricians made.

There is a lot of white dust covering everything throughout the house.

The walls have been painted, except for the trim, corners,  and along the floor.

Facing West:

Facing East:

They also filled in the spaces between the tile with grout.

The cat approves.

She likes rolling on the freshly grouted tile.

Next, the cabinets should arrive this week!

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Kitchen remodel in progress

Last week, quite a bit of remodeling was done.

The workers had to rewire the kitchen to meet the new building codes.

They had to make huge holes in the wall and add more outlets.

They patched up the holes, a few days later.

Now we have recessed lighting!

The electric company decided we could not use our existing electrical box.

It was too small, and since we built a patio, it was now considered to be indoors.

Here's where the box used to be:

We had to relocate the box to the outside of the garage, by the gate.

Just moving the box took two whole days.

People were in and out of the attic, hammering and walking on the roof.

The hardest part was keeping the dogs in a back bedroom all day, and having to take them out for walks.

Here is a more recent picture of the patched-up kitchen.

The outlets are kind of hanging out, so the work can be inspected by the city.

This week, we were unable to get that inspection, because the city is on vacation.

The work can't continue until an inspection happens.

Maybe on the 27th.

The cat, however, is a professional inspector of everything:

Pretty much how I feel about it, too.

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Demolition derby

On Monday, Dad settled on a company to remodel the kitchen.

He had several people come in last week to give estimates.

He was eager to start as soon as possible, so Thursday morning (which is now today!)

At 7am, they will show up to demolish the old cabinets.

Tuesday was my day off and I spent the whole day taking everything out of the cabinets and putting it in the patio. And today, too.

(I also put up my Christmas lights. I'm tired.)

We haven't remodeled the kitchen in my whole life, but I didn't find many surprises.

The cabinets are still lined with this contact paper from the 70's.

There were a lot of things that I remember from my childhood, but some that weren't there any more.

There were absolutely no cookie cutters, and I remember making cookies as a child...

In the end I was pleased and surprised that there wasn't as much crap as I thought there would be.

Mom was pretty good at getting rid of crap.

We did throw out a cabinet full of redundant pots and pans, and I took some cookbooks to the Salvation army, (cookbooks that I inherited when a cousin passed away.)

You can get all kinds of recipes online now, anyway.

I was too busy to take pictures, but I remembered to take pictures of the empty kitchen.


The cat is happy because there were boxes to play in, and a maze of furniture in the other room.

Here she is sitting in bubble wrap.

The kitchen is not big, about 8' x 20'. It is not going to be very modern or trendy.

Dad did all the planning. I was OK with that.

He used to work in the building materials industry and he even built his own first house.

I don't really know a lot about interior design.

The company let us look at a lot of samples.

So far, it looks like we agreed on wood cabinets, a light gray faux marble counter top, beige ceramic tile for the floor to match the patio.

The company suggested a very light blue color for the walls.

Anything will be an improvement!

I'm very excited and I'm sure dad is, too, because this is something he has wanted to do for a long time.

I have another day off on Friday, and will try to take pictures..