Monday, August 21, 2017

7 months and 30 days and hours to go

On Saturday, I did go to visit the Green car with Don the mechanic, like I wanted.

The car started up right away, which was my first concern.

I thought it didn't sound right.
It's been a long time since I heard it rumble.

(I put the dates into an online calculator.

242 days.
7 months and 30 days.
34 weeks and 4 days.
66.30% of a common year. )

Don disagreed and said it sounded fine.
(We didn't open the hood though because the painter was still working on things)

The car was a dusty mess, so I didn't take any pictures.

The painter still had a lot to do, and I had to go to work, so I did.

Sunday, I also worked.

The painter called at 11:30 am, and said that the car was ready.

However, when I got out of work at 3:00 PM and went there, it seemed he still had more to do.

Overall I was happier with the way it looked than it did yesterday.

However, on closer inspection, there was still some swirl marks, which I pointed out and he was getting rid of in the picture.

Also, you cant tell in this picture, but everything around the lower inches of the car, and the corners, wasn't polished at all!

I don't blame him, because it must be hard to get down and polish the lower half.

However, I just couldn't take it home like that.
He wanted me to wait another hour to finish but I insisted.
Even though it was killing me, I made him keep it one more day...

I only hope he put it inside the garage at night. He was complaining about space.
I made him swear he would put it away, like 10 times.

On the way home, I bought a dresser at IKEA.

Not randomly.

I had been planning on updating my bedroom furniture for many years.

I went to measure things in person on Friday.

While I was at IKEA, I saw some tempting armchairs.

The faux leather one would match the other furniture better.

The gray would be practical too.

But no, I only like the dark green velvet one in the back... (Maybe next paycheck.)

I think this is why I don't drive a Prius...

There are other furniture items in the Hemnes line, but for now I only bought the dresser.

It took about 5 hours to assemble, with Dad helping too, mostly directing.

I only put one drawer together inside out, and had to rebuild it!

Everything else went together. I'm happy and tired.

Maybe I felt guilty about making the painter work so hard, so I had to do this.

My room is a mess now, but  when I get it back in order, I'll take pictures of the results...

And the car...

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Time is flying by.

No word yet from the painter.

I know he didn't work on it all week, because he said so when I called him yesterday.

So it probably won't be done today, either.

However, Don the mechanic returns from vacation on Saturday.

I haven't told him about the stolen battery because I don't want to ruin his vacation.

He is going to be so mad.

If there is something wrong with the green car, I'd feel better knowing he's around to look at it.

Yesterday, I went with my uncle (dad's brother) and my aunt from Cincinnati to the HB pier.

I think I take all my relatives there!

Dad is the one in the middle.

My aunt and uncle asked me about what kind of art I had done lately.

I haven't done anything in a whole month! Just stewing over the car.

I hadn't seen them since 2015. I showed them some jewelry I made a long time ago.

Their daughter, my cousin Terry Berlier, is an amazing artist and teaches at UC Davis.

This week, some one put graffiti on one of the church buildings.

The pastor is pretty upset.
He wants me to put an announcement in the weekly newsletter.

Juan, the resident student and landscape artist at the church, put some cute butterfly lights on a statue.

Today is my day off so maybe I'll do something creative instead of feeling sorry for myself.


My green car will surely be done tomorrow he says

Friday, August 11, 2017

My car is still not done

I went to the painters to check out my car this afternoon.

My car is still there.

It appears that nothing else was stolen but the battery.
He had left it outside with the hood open (like it was in the last picture I took)

Of course, it wasn't nearly ready to bring home.

It looks more polished, (but it was dark inside the garage.)

The door strips were on, but one of them is definitely askew.

I printed out a bunch of pictures like this, of the position of the door strips on the red car:

I forgot to tell him not to put the "Firebird" badges back on the green car!
I told him many months ago, but when he saw them in the picture recently, he thought it meant I wanted them.

They're ugly.
These things are stuck with extra permanent tape and can't be moved again, ever.

There are issues with the interior.
It's very dirty.
The interior door panels are not on.

After talking to the painter, he said that lately, the car hadn't been wanting to run right
(before the battery was stolen).

If Don the mechanic was around, he could go and see it!
Don's shop is close by.
But he's on vacation until the 19th.

Of course, I had to leave the car with the painter another day.

I'm so upset, I will have to drive there tonight and see for myself that he put the car away.

9:45 pm. Edit: I didn't go, it was too far and too late and just too crazy.

Writing about only makes me more upset.

There's nothing I can do until tomorrow and check on the progress.

I do lose my patience once in awhile

Yesterday was my birthday and a day off from work,

It wasn't a complete waste of time, although I was sad that the green car wasn't done yet.

I got highlights put in my hair.

Also I got a lot of sleep.

My sister sent me these bracelets in the mail:

The blue one matched exactly my favorite shirt I was wearing!

This morning I called the painter and he said, the door strips weren't done yet.
He said once they are glued down, they won't be able to be moved.

I said fine, just do it.

He said the car would be done tomorrow.

Then he said, "Oh, um, your battery got stolen!"

He had left the car outside.

He said "I was telling you because you would notice it has a different battery."

I am so mad!!!! He is not supposed to leave it outside!

I said what if something else got stolen, and the car doesn't run?

He said it does run, because he put a different battery it and it runs, but I don't believe him.

There is no way I can leave the car there another night, even if he promises to lock it away.

He said he would get a new battery and finish the door strips by 6 pm.

That's no good, I said, because I have to be at work by 5.
(I tried getting out of work, but no one could substitute for me today.)

I will pick up the car at 4, I said.

What if the car isn't there at all???

I want to go there RIGHT NOW, but at least I have to give him a chance to stick the door pieces on it and get me a battery.

If there is a car left.

I don't know how I can make it through the next 3 hours.

I was making these "pearl" bracelets while I was on the phone with the car painter.

They came out very nice although I was so mad I could hardly see straight.

I will definitely have something to post up later tonight.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Spots! Swirls!

Today I went to pay for the rims for the red car.
I had sent them out to have the aluminum part polished about 2 weeks ago.

They came out very nice!

We did a dumb thing which was to spray the rims with water to get the dust off
(the center gold area, which we didn't repaint, because the center was OK)

The sun baked the water and left spots! Doh!

 It will come off though.

I was tempted to put them on the red car today.

But Don the mechanic is leaving for vacation, on Friday.

He won't be putting my new brakes on the red car for a week or two.

Meanwhile, I can put these newly shiny rims on the newly painted Green car!

Next, I paid a surprise visit to the painter.

Every time I see him, he says it will be ready tomorrow.

At least that one headlight cover is now polished.

The whole car looks like it is evenly polished, but not done.

There are still a lot of swirls!

I'm pretty sure he still has to put a coat of glazing on it... Or another round of buffing.

Also the door strips are still not done. Or the windshield weather seal.

I called him, and he said it would be done by the end of the day today!

Yeah, right!

I said "how about tomorrow morning?"

We'll see.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

I made a bracelet

The car isn't done yet.
It's hard to think about anything else.
The painter doesn't know it, but my birthday is Thursday.
It would be funny if it was finished on my birthday.
But I'm not amused.

I haven't done much drawing or stuff.

Yesterday at work I made a "Welcome" banner for the new staff.

I made it with Microsoft Publisher.

I used a burlap-looking texture fill.

We didn't have card stock, so I glued the paper to some used manila file folders.

Then I hung it on twine.

I forgot to take a picture of the finished banner.
Or the party.

Today I thought about making some earrings.

I wasn't happy with this idea, so I looked into something else.

I saw I had a bunch of quartz-type chips in different colors.

I wondered if I had enough colors to make a rainbow?

I made a rainbow bracelet.