Monday, September 18, 2017

K-pod holder from a cardboard box

Our new pastor at the church office bought us a Keurig machine a few weeks ago.

On Sunday at work, things were slow.

I decided to do something about the Keurig pods floating around.

I saw an idea on Pinterest that turned a cereal box into a K-pod holder.

I found a good sturdy box and a box cutter.

I measured out the K-pods just by eyesight.

The holes were a little off center, the first time.

Ideally I would have turned the box inside out, to trace the holes, but taking the box apart to do that would have ruined the box.

I turned the box over and measured out the pods again.

The hole was traced from the bottom of the cup.

When I cut out the holes, the pods fit perfectly snug!

I made a keyhole shaped hole in the back, which would hold the pushpins to hang it.

Here is the end result, hanging outside the cupboard, (a little out of focus.)

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Another week went by!

Another week went by, and I haven't posted to my blog!

I was a bit more energetic this week, after all the depressing hurricanes in the news.

The beautiful garden outside the church office, today:

Last Sunday, I was leaving the grocery store, when the green car wouldn't start!

All the lights went out, including inside, so I knew it had to be the battery.

I wiggled the cables. The lights came on inside, then went out again.
After a few tries, I got it started and got home.

On later inspection the red cable on the battery was loose.

This cable is the "live" side so I had to be careful when tightening it.

That's why I had a towel on it, so that I wouldn't hit any metal.

I also used a wrench with a rubber handle.

It still had issues starting, so I drove to see Don the mechanic.

(It ended up that I just didn't tighten it enough, and everything was OK.

Also I should have used the proper tool, not a wrench, but I was afraid of getting shocked.)

While I was at Don's, he put the car up on the rack, so I could continue putting screws into the body panels.
There were so many things the painter didn't put back!

Here is a picture, looking up under the car.

The rear license plate light bulb holder, that I made from a milk carton:

Here is that wrecked Camaro that Don is stripping for parts:

Amazingly, Don got it running, and can drive it in and out of his garage.

I got a few of the body screws I needed, from it.

I noticed he put my smelly old tan seats into it, so it could be driven.

At work on Monday, a very loud kitten began wandering around the office.
I asked my dad to bring some cat food from home.

It was so hungry, it was even meowing while eating.

This is exactly how I ended up with the cat I have now.

It just marched right in!

I just love cats with a bold personality.

I was tempted to keep it, but I was exhausted by the end of the day.

I just didn't have the energy for playing with a kitten, or introducing it to my other animals.

The kitten was very friendly, and easily found a home with the office manager.

She has an allergy, but she has a big family who will play with it.

Friday, September 8, 2017


This morning I got up early.
I wanted to see the news about the hurricanes and the earthquake in Mexico.

I ventured into the backyard for the first time in a few weeks, and picked some cherry tomatoes.

I neglected the vine all summer.

They are almost finished but I was able to save these.

I had a bumper crop of these tiny chili peppers.

Just one is enough to knock your socks off.

I don't know what I'll do with all these!

One sad thing I noticed is that all our citrus trees are sick.

At first I thought the leaves were curling because of a water issue, but it is worse.

It is a disease called citrus greening or Huanglongbing.

It is spread by a tiny bug called the Asian Citrus Psyllid.

The disease is a bacteria and has no cure.

Here's the Meyer Lemon:

It is called greening because the fruit from the tree stays green and tastes bitter.

It is really affecting the fruit industry. The price of oranges is going to be really high this winter.

I'm sad because this mandarin finally grew above my head and started making fruit this year:

It also got the Navel orange which is older than me.

We once had a bug called White Fly, but that could be cured by hosing the leaves off.

Apparently there is no cure for this new disease, but to cut them down and prevent further spread.

Thursday, September 7, 2017

I have a blog?

Last weekend was super hot and humid.

On Friday and Saturday, it was 90 degrees in the office!

The highest I can remember it getting inside, in the last 10 years, was 88 degrees.

The building once had A/C but the previous pastor had more important bills to pay, so we never got it fixed.
One company gave us an estimate of $30,000 because of the size of the building, (but they also wanted to re-do everything from scratch.)

I think a volunteer has recently been looking at fixing the fan-box-things outside the building, and using the existing ducts.

I didn't get much done with the cars, because it was too hot to go anywhere.

It did rain on Sunday. After I washed all the cars.

I noticed the windshield wipers on the green car looked a little wonky.
When I tried them, they aren't really touching the window at all:

On Tuesday I went to see Don about the getting the A/C to work on the Green car.

(I meant to ask him about the wipers but I forgot.)

This is a picture of the air conditioning parts.

First he pulled out a little filter-looking thing.

It came out of hole A.

It is something that converts the A/C coolant liquid into cool air.

It should be shiny and clean, but it was all gunked up. Here is the dirty one:

Here's a blurry picture of the new one:

He used a vacuum to see if the system would hold air.

Kind of like an air compressor, but in reverse.

That seems to be working, it didn't seem to have any leaks.

We spent a good hour looking for a small piece of plastic that would allow the can of refrigerant to be pumped into the system.

For a little while the air coming out felt a tiny bit cold.

The can-like part C in the picture at top, is supposed to get cold and sweaty, and it didn't.

There's other parts that might be gunked up, but the whole system will have to come out, and that's another day's work.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Polishing tail lights, rear license plate light.

Tuesday I spent at work, and resting.
I was pretty sore from moving the car seats in and out of the cars.

I don't have a picture of the black seats in the car yet.

One thing I did, I used a plastic polishing compound to shine up the center part of the tail lights on the cars.

I used a few cotton balls, not a machine.

I did a section of the tail light on the red car.

The two tail light pieces to either side are not hard to get shiny. They were OK.
The center black area that is the part I was having trouble with.
It must be a different kind of plastic.

I looked it up online and some people use toothpaste!
Also to polish aluminum rims.

This proprietary stuff seemed to work fine.

I just left the tail light that way, maybe I will do more after I wash the cars again.

Also, it bothered me that the light over the rear license plate was dangling.

Not only does it look silly with the light wiggling around at night, but I could slam on the brakes and the little light bulb could break.

I took the lens/bulb holder off the red car to see how it was made.

It attaches inside the bumper, this is it hanging down after I unscrewed it:

I couldn't get the screws back in it no matter how I tried, so I had to put it back with different screws.

I made a crude tracing of the part to see where the holes would go.

Hey, I actually drew something!

It looks obscene...

I thought of using a piece of metal.

I had this aluminum butterfly that used to be a hair barrette. It was about the right size

It was a strange idea and it didn't work.

In the end  I cut a piece of this plastic jug.

I didn't take a picture of the result, but the plastic piece curls up in the gap under the bumper and holds the light bulb up out of the way.

I was afraid the plastic jug would melt, but the light bulb is small enough that it didn't get too hot.

Monday, August 28, 2017

Busy day off

On Sunday I took a nap after work, and it was dark when I got up.

I had to wait until today, my day off, to see where the water had leaked out of the green car.

I was happy to find that the coolant was not leaking from the water pump.

It was leaking from a heater valve that diverts coolant from the water pump to the heater.

I had never had one go bad before, so I assumed it was the water pump.

(You can't even see the water pump in these pictures. It is buried way far down)

This valve is located on top of things and only has 3 clamps, so it was an easy fix.

I got the clamps off with pliers. 

The hardest part was pulling the hoses off. The hoses had shrunk tightly onto the part.

The new part went on easily. No more leak!

Next I drove over to the painters to try to get my parts back.

I tried to suprise him but he wasn't there. 

When I called, he said he had found a lot of my missing things.

I will try again on Wednesday.  I didn't lose my temper at all...

Don's shop is a mile away so I stopped by.

I needed a light bulb to go over the license plate on the green car so I can drive it at night.

The painter lost this plastic lens for the green car that holds the light bulb over the license plate:

I tried to tape the light bulb so it wasn't dangling, but that didn't work.

Maybe I can make a holder shaped like the lens, out of cardboard, to keep it out of sight.

It was a hot day and I didn't want to drive back home and get the red car, to put the rims on it.

Don's friend Larry came by.

He brought a Camaro owned by a family member. It had been in a wreck. Everyone is OK.

They are going to take all the useful parts off of it.

We did the same thing to my old green car, but that was before I started this blog.

Right away I saw something useful!

I found some sun visors that fit my red car, because they are for a T-tops.

The best thing is that these don't flop down as you are driving!

A while back, mine kept flopping down, so I removed one to see why, and the dog ate it.

These appear to be newly reupholstered.

This wrecked Camaro also had decent seats.

They are not fancy, and not tan like the ones in the green car.

But they are also not ripped up and stinky, so I swapped them into the green car.

I've never removed seats before but it was really simple, just 4 bolts into the floor.

I still need to find an upholstery place to do the carpet.

Larry, who recommended Roberto the painter, also knew of an upholstery shop.

I said no thanks...

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Shiny rims, loose trim and fancy bottled water

On Friday before work I went to see Don the mechanic.

When I washed the car the day before, among other things, I discovered a lot of the trim on the car wasn't fastened down.

Sure enough when we put the car on the rack, there were a lot of screws that weren't there.

(Also, from this angle, you can tell he didn't buff the lower edges of the bumper )

Those are just some of the places screws were missing.

I only did about half of them, and then I had to go to work.

Earlier that day, I met Jesse who recently opened a tire business across from Don's shop.

A few weeks ago I gave him some rims and he took them to a place to get polished.

These are exactly the same kind of rims that the green car had.

They were going to go on the red car so they will fit over my new larger brakes (someday).

These rims are much shinier than the ones the green car had.

They have little spots because I decided to hose the dust off, in the sun, which was a mistake!

Looking better!

I didn't visit the painter to complain, because I ran out of time before going to work.

It's probably better than I didn't, because I'm still pretty upset...

Saturday after work, I debated about it, but drove the green car to the store.

A cop followed me a short while, but didn't pull me over.

I forgot the light bulb over the rear license plate isn't plugged in!!!

I forgot about it, until I inserted the picture at the top of this page.

Maybe he saw it hanging there and decided I knew about it.

Luckily he didn't stop me, because I don't have the front plate now, either!

While I was at the store, without any warning except the smell, the car emptied itself of water.

It was too dark to see, but it is probably the water pump.

Water pumps are the first thing to go bad when a car sits for a long time.

(Besides the battery.)

The radiator was nearly empty, and I needed water.

I was near a Ross store, and I found a use for the gourmet bottled water they have in the checkout line.

It took 3 bottles and it left a trail of fancy water all the way home.

Luckily it wasn't far, and the car didn't even get warm.

(Driving an overheated car for even a short time is very bad.
It causes the engine block and other things to warp. Ask me how I know.)

Now I'll have to spend my day off getting the water pump fixed instead of getting the rims put on the Red car.

Well, at least when I'm there, I can finish putting the screws in the trim...