Tuesday, March 20, 2018

I made collages while I was away

Today was my day off, but I didn't know it.

I spent a busy afternoon with the Red car.

I will blog about that tomorrow...

Dues to a scheduling error, I arrived at work and discovered today was actually my day off.

I went home feeling ready to work, but not like going anywhere, since I had been out all day.

I realized I still hadn't posted pictures of the collages I made while I was in San Diego.

We had a lot of free time in the evenings.

I was able to find a composition book, and scissors, (but no glue) at the little market on the corner near the AirBNB we were staying.

I had some acrylic craft paint, which I brought along for my sister to use on a different project.

The first day, all I had was that paint to decorate the cover of the composition book.

Eventually we went to places where I was able to find glue sticks, and other interesting things.

I tore up some travel magazines and local weekly newspapers and made collages.

With the limited materials and lots of free time, I was able to focus and make some cool things!

This was a tacky vase decorating the table at the AirBNB:

I didn't make art everyday, but there were two or three days of really intense art-making.

A lot of the time we spent talking about our childhood and people who aren't there anymore.

I filled up more than 10 pages of the notebook, front and back!

It was the most art I had done in a long time.

Some of the stuff I made was silly, but it was fun, and therapeutic.

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Flower Fields at Carlsbad!

On the way back from San Diego, (now over 1 week ago,)
my sister recommended that we go to this place by Lego Land called the Flower Fields of Carlsbad.

I had never been here but passed by many times. ( I know Huell Howser has been there.)

Apparently the park is a seasonal thing.

It had just opened the weekend before, so not every flower was in bloom.

The fields are planted with Ranunculus, which looks like a poppy with more petals.

Apparently they stagger the blooming so not all the flowers are in bloom at the same time.

There is a tractor-bus to drive you around, but we decided to walk.

This hillside by the entrance is planted in the colors of the American flag.

(I didn't realize what it was until we drove past it, outside of the park.)

The whole park is long and narrow.

It was more than a mile long, so we couldn't see one end from the other.

For awhile I thought there wouldn't be any flowers to see, this early in the season.

But as we walked, I could see colorful stripes in the distance.

At first the blossoms were sparse.

The farther we went, the more blossoms there were.

Every section had a different color.

I took so many great pictures of this place!

Before I left for San Diego, the church got a grant and we recieved new computers.

We got computers with dual monitors, which is fun.

One screen has the calendar to book events, and the other screen is for data entry.

I quickly learned that you can stretch your desktop background to fill both screens.

The pictures I took of the flower fields made amazing desktop backgrounds!

I also brought a few Ranunculus home to plant in my front yard.

This orange color was our favorite.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

The rest of the pictures from San Diego

I have been busy every day since coming back from San Diego almost a week ago.

Today I got the evening off and tomorrow is my day off.

I have some projects going on this week.

I debated going to an art supply store or a garden center before they closed today, but I really need to clear out these great pictures from my trip, first.

On two different days, we drove to the end of the peninsula at the end of San Diego Bay.

At the very end is a military base, and there is a park there with a great view.

You can see Mexico from the hillside park.

There is a statue and many exhibits about Cabrillo, the portuguese explorer.

There is also a lighthouse.

The rooms in the lighthouse were set up like a museum.

We couldn't go to the top of the lighthouse, but there was a room with an exhibit with various kinds of lenses used in lighthouses.

The parking was $15 dollars, but the pass was good for 1 week.

We got there late in the day, and decided to come back the next day and explore the tide pools at the bottom of the hill.

The tide was in and the cliffs were steep, but it was an interesting couple hours of walking.

Saturday, March 10, 2018

San Diego trip Continued

I had to work on Friday, the day after I got back from San Diego.
Today I was still unpacking.
I also still had things to put away after the remodelling.

Here are some more pictures from the trip.

Last weekend we went to a shopping center in downtown by the ocean.

We went there on Friday and Saturday to eat and shop.

Las Saturday, they had a busker festival, which was a competition of street performers.

Some were better than others.

On Sunday we went to the Mission of San Diego de Alcala.

I have never been to this mission.  I think it is the oldest of the missions.

Going through my photos, I see that I was mostly fascinated by the grounds, and the old, gnarly trees and cactus.

I only took two pictures inside the old church building, where we went to Mass.

Throughout the service, I was fascinated by these old beams of the ceiling, and the windows which were set high in the thick walls.

This probably wasn't the original ceiling.

Like the Mission in San Juan Capistrano, there was a time when the mission was in ruins, and it was restored over many years.

On the mission grounds was a chapel that was brought over from Europe.

It was from the 1500's.

The women sat on the sides, in these little booths.

The booths were topped by some peculiar carvings.

Pretty neat, old stuff!

Thursday, March 8, 2018

San Diego part 1

My sister has been planning a trip for us for several months.
I told her I didn't care where.
So, we spent the week in San Diego!

We left last Thursday, and arrived back home today.
(My sister is staying with other friends in LA this weekend.)

I used to take 2 or even 3 weeks off at a time to visit my brother or sister, who live in the mid west.
The last time I took such a trip, besides sick days, was in 2009!
(Mostly because of taking care of various elder family members.)

I used to take the train to San Diego every year.
When I was in college, I'd go to the Comic Con.

The city was familar to me, so I thought this trip would be boring.

I did a lot of the driving.
I like to drive!
(I bought the red car, in downtown, just two years ago.)

I'm not used to using navigation apps, so we ended up in a lot of strange places.

Neither of us had an agenda, so it was OK.
One day we ended up on this park on top of a hill.
I got a great picture!

The airbnb we stayed at was so/so.
I don't have a good picture of before or during, but it wasn't quite as advertised.

Here is one shot of the interior. It was a mid-century modern duplex.

We made a trip to the Dick Blick brick and mortar store.

(I learned there is a Blick store closer to home, in Fullerton!)

I bought some powdered pigment and various other things.

I brought paint and Stabilos on my trip to share with my sister, who was making Thank-You cards.

I didn't think I would make art, but I bought a notebook and glue sticks at the corner deli, and filled up 10 pages with collages!
Which I will post up soon...

Internet was spotty, so I didn't get to update my blog as well as I'd like.

But it was still a relaxing trip.

I love the old buildings!

My bank at home, looks nothing like this!

I have never taken a trip to San Diego, and been disappointed.