Sunday, August 14, 2016

Technology overload.

Tonight I am at the rehab hospital with Mom and my old mac laptop from college.
I hadn't been using it except as a DVD player, but lately I've had a lot of time to explore.
I found scans from a journal many years ago.
I found an old computer program, Corel Painter...

Mom has been here all week. Nothing serious, we're just waiting for her to get stronger.

My 10 year old flip phone never worked again.
According to a lady at my job who drops her phones into water on a regular basis, I should have not turned it on again until after it was thoroughly dry.
Turning it on apparently causes an irreversible short circuit.

This week I went to the Sprint store again to discuss a new phone.
However, I didn't like the mysterious, ambiguous fees, and condescending salespeople.
Calling the tech support was even worse.

I haven't been able to cancel my plan because of a missing password.
Today I went to one of their stores, and got a new password, but they said I had to call tech support again because the salespeople aren't allowed to cancel plans...

Friday I went to Walmart and they had a ton of phones and plans to choose from.
I ended up buying a prepaid, not too fancy, Samsung Galaxy from Verizon.
For $30 a month I have unlimited talk and text. That's almost $15 less a month.
No regular internet, but I can browse the internet in places with wi-fi, like this hospital.
For $45 a month I could get a better connection...

I don't know why I find it hard to do easy things. Like upgrading my phone...
I spend hours at the hospital, but today was the first time I used the laptop to post to the blog.

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  1. Worked well!
    I am with you as far as tech troubles!
    Drives me nuts! Sounds like you're almost done?
    So good seeing you last week! ♥♥♥