Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Making some jewelry with waxed cord

Last week I took an art class at Catalyst art studio, (part of Art Supply Warehouse in Westminster CA.)
The class was one of a series, mixed media on canvas, given by artist Jacki Long.
I really enjoy taking her classes because we get all the supplies, like canvas and paint, and we can do whatever we want.
I had a good time venting out my frustrations on the canvas.
Jacki posted pictures of the work we did, on her own blog, a few days ago. http://jackilong.blogspot.com

Jacki brought me a catalog of a company that hires unique and creative jewelry artists, called Sundance.
I am inspired by their style of jewelry- everything I see looks like something I could make.

Today I tried to copy some of the styles I saw in the catalog (for my own learning purposes, no offense intended to the original artists)

I looked at my beads and nothing was happening.
Instead decided to copy a knotted cord bracelet with "silver" beads.
I had never used cord before, but I had a bunch I had bought at Walmart.

I couldn't really tell how they did it, (I was too lazy to look up a tutorial) so I just tied a knot and started.

Of course I didn't have the same real, handmade, silver beads so I used my own.

< In the catalog picture, a kind of cone shaped bead covers the knot at the end. Sort of?

The cones I had were too small to cover the knot, and they wouldn't pry open. >

I used a different kind of end, a crimp end, with glue, and finished it that way:

The set of cord I bought at Walmart had beige, brown and black.

I made a necklace from the black cord, kind of copying this one from the catalog:

This one was called "Sun and sky," (or "Sun and Sea") so I made "Sun and Moon"
For some reason the black twine was not as waxed as the brown twine.
It was like trying to thread the beads with a piece of limp fuzzy yarn!
I cussed a lot.

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  1. So cool, a great post Julie.
    Inspiration comes from everywhere.