Wednesday, March 14, 2018

The rest of the pictures from San Diego

I have been busy every day since coming back from San Diego almost a week ago.

Today I got the evening off and tomorrow is my day off.

I have some projects going on this week.

I debated going to an art supply store or a garden center before they closed today, but I really need to clear out these great pictures from my trip, first.

On two different days, we drove to the end of the peninsula at the end of San Diego Bay.

At the very end is a military base, and there is a park there with a great view.

You can see Mexico from the hillside park.

There is a statue and many exhibits about Cabrillo, the portuguese explorer.

There is also a lighthouse.

The rooms in the lighthouse were set up like a museum.

We couldn't go to the top of the lighthouse, but there was a room with an exhibit with various kinds of lenses used in lighthouses.

The parking was $15 dollars, but the pass was good for 1 week.

We got there late in the day, and decided to come back the next day and explore the tide pools at the bottom of the hill.

The tide was in and the cliffs were steep, but it was an interesting couple hours of walking.

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