Saturday, August 27, 2016

Walking in the garden

Today I took some more pictures of flowers in the garden outside the church office, to draw in Painter on my laptop while staying with Mom at the hospital.

Mom might be moving on Monday to a less intensive-care and more physical-therapy place.
This hospital gave us a list of potential places she might go.
Some are better than others. We've heard really good things about a place in Fountain Valley.
My uncle went to a really good place in Tustin two years ago.
But it all depends on where a bed opens up.
I just saw the saddest article about a couple in their 80's that were forced to go to different homes:

I'm also nervous because each hospital has its own rules and accommodations for visitors.
In a big place like UCI, we could come and go almost anytime.

Here are some pictures of flowers in the garden, that I thought about drawing in Painter:

I ended up drawing the plumerias again.
I liked the way they looked using the Impasto tools yesterday.

I made a background again the fairy dust tool again.
Since the leaves were mostly in the background, I drew those first:

I remembered to save the work part way through:

Here is what I ended up with after pushing and pulling the Impasto:

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  1. Gorgeous colors and flowers!
    Praying for the best for your family.♥♥♥