Friday, August 19, 2016

The longest Thursday

I started my Thursday the night before.
Since I work nights, I go to visit my mom at the hospital from 9 until 1 or 2 in the morning.
She can't do much for herself, she likes to have help around.

Last night I started a drawing in Corel Painter from a photo of a sunflower.

I wasn't too thrilled with the results.
When I got home I looked up other artwork done with Painter.
I saw some landscapes that I liked...

Too soon, it was time to get up again.
I went to Catalyst to join other artists at Jacki Long's mixed media on canvas class.
I was late and the class was full! Luckily, they made some room for me. We got a BIG canvas.

I poured out some aqua and yellow paint, but I ended up using mostly the aqua.
Also collaged some papers into it.
It sort of turned into a mermaid.

Some of the yellow paint ended up on a wood panel that I bought at Art Supply Warehouse:

I was very impressed with the other artist's work.
There was water soluble graphite to use, and some of the other artists used it more delicately while I sort of steam-rolled over my sketch with paint.
(I didn't take any pictures but Jacki did and she will post them to her own blog in a day or two.)

On my way to work I noticed people in hazmat suits. Oh no, I forgot about the homeless lady.
It's a long story, but it involves having to temporarily relocate a homeless person who hoards things on our property in several dozen shopping carts.
She is allowed to keep her valuables, but she hoards things like food and after a year, it gets nasty.

The last time the church moved her things, she came into the office and spit on me...
I spent this evening worried she would come back on my shift, but luckily, I didn't see her...

Then it was time to go back to the hospital. Oh no, I forgot it was Thursday...
The hospital security guard on Thursday and Friday takes her job very seriously.
She can't seem to let me arrive or leave without saying something. One time she didn't think I should visit my mom because only caregivers can enter after visiting hours and I wasn't wearing a uniform.
The next day I dressed up more like a nurse and she ignored me completely...
I am dreading going past her on my way out.

I brought my laptop again and tried to make a landscape in Painter.
I copied a picture I took from a trip to Laguna Beach last year:

I poured a brown background. I made a sketch with a pastel tool:

The whole rest of the drawing I made with a blender (smear) and a oil brush (glazing round)

I was very happy with the way it turned out, definitely going to dig up some more beach photos.

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  1. So glad you joined us Julie! I hope you had fun.
    I love to see you work, your talent sort of bubbles out knowing where it wants to go and you seem so much happier. I think you might need it to balance all the heavy load you carry? Take good care, Julie!