Saturday, August 20, 2016

Anything else

Today was a day when I wanted to be doing anything else.
We have two seminary students staying at our church for the year.
The business manager decided they will be working a shift at the front desk.
Today was my turn to train them. I did a lot of talking and didn't get much done.

I saw the homeless lady but she didn't come into the office.
Although the city took all the shopping carts away, the lady had found some more and was filling them.

I wanted to do some jewelry but there wasn't time.

At the hospital I looked through my photos and realized I haven't been to the beach all year.
I combined two photos to make a picture to draw in Painter.

I drew it the same way as the one I did last time.
I adjusted the contrast, and started with a sketch using a pastel tool.

I finished it up with oil brush, a blender and some Seurrat spots.

It still needs more details.
I got a little bored. I started seeing animal faces in the rocks.

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