Monday, August 29, 2016

A Face in Painter

Sunday I didn't work, which meant that I arrived at the hospital earlier than usual.
I felt like I hadn't done anything all day (except for chores.)

I decided I was going to draw a face. I hadn't done a face in a long time.
I found an ad to copy, in a fashion magazine here at the hospital:

Recently I've been experimenting with Impasto tools.
I started out with a sketch in a colored background using one of the Impasto tools.
I didn't look at it closely until now.
It has some kind of rose pattern! Must have been Pattern Emboss, or something.

I added details using some kind of bristle Impasto:

That effect was kind of painterly, maybe do something in that direction another day.

Next I used an Impasto tool called Depth Lofter. It worked like a collagen injection!

After that I smeared and raised and lowered the depth of the Impasto using the Depth Eraser and Depth Smear.

I didn't use a lot of the Gloopy Impasto tool that I used on the flowers yesterday.
A little in the hair.

The proportions are off, especially the nose.
I need to work on getting it right the first time. Slacking off on life drawing...
An easy fix would be to Smear and smush everything into the right place.

Anyway, I have to get up early tomorrow, (Today) because I want to be here at the hospital when they move Mom.


  1. Just got home, wanted to look at my post again with a Not-12-Year-Old computer and the difference in detail is ridiculous...
    I think my cell phone has better resolution than the laptop I take to the hospital.
    Anything is better than nothing I guess.

  2. Very cool! Love & prayers. ♥♥♥