Monday, July 24, 2017

Another visit with the green car

Today was my day off for the week.

I wanted to sleep in, but I still visited the painter and the green car.

It is coming along and getting shiny!

The rear wing is on, side mirrors are on, but it is still missing one headlight cover, and the "ground effects"

The ground effects are body panels that go along the sides and bottom of the bumpers.
Every year has a slightly different package.

The red car is the same year as the green car, but didn't come with the ground effects.
That makes it look like a slightly older car.

The painter says it needs one more round of polishing. I think so too.

There was also an issue with the weather stripping around the windshield.
It was 3/4 " and looked awkward. It should have been less than 1/2".

I had him re-do it, but when the glass person removed the rubber, it made a small flake in the paint.

Now he has to fix the flake, but that's why I had him re-do the windshield.

If I took it home and had another person do the windshield, I'd be stuck with whatever was underneath.

Also there was some confusion about the rubber bumper strips that go along the door.

I thought I told him not to take them off, but he thought I told him not to put them back on!

It is a minor detail and he has extra paint, and will be able to put them back on.

This is the rubber door part on the red car:

It looks OK without it, but everyone I talked to said it should be put back on.

He says the car will be ready tomorrow, so I think it could be ready by Friday-

But I don't know how long it will take him to do the rubber door strips.

I am really very anxious to get it finished...

I also got one of the parts for the red car brakes in the mail today!

These are two hubs that will go on the front end, to attach larger, newer-model brakes.

Aside from going to the junkyard and taking apart a 1998-2002 camaro's brakes,
there is just this one guy back east, who does it for you.

All the other brake parts can be bought from a regular parts store.

I'll be ordering the other brake parts from a place called RockAuto.

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  1. I LOVE how you know and take pains to restore this car,
    not to mention your patience! I think you will have a big reward sometime soon! ;o)