Sunday, February 26, 2017

Things are moving slowly.

This week I didn't do much art.

Mom's condition has not changed much, but that's a good thing.
We had some issues with the insurance approving her chemo drug, so she hasn't started yet but hopefully by the end of this week.

I did a lot of gardening, mostly pruning and pulling weeds, but didn't take any pictures.
The caterpillars are still there.
Hopefully they turn into cocoons soon, because the aphids are going to kill the bush.

The other day I went to Classic Industries.
They have a huge catalog of parts for old GM cars, but they also have a warehouse in Costa Mesa.

The warehouse has a a show room with a counter.
It is full of things I don't need, like T-Shirts and chrome badges for your car.

Last year I bought carpet here, to re-upholster the green car, but it's still in the box.
It comes pre-cut, so all I need to do is take out all the seats, etc.
(Or find some kid to do it for me)

The middle of the warehouse has a big shiny car.

I don't expect my own car to be this shiny when it's done, but I can dream!

They also have a big screen TV that plays car restoration shows from cable, so you can watch while you're waiting for your order.

I went because the painter asked me to get some rubber seals that go around the side windows.

Also an outer door handle, it was missing a tiny spring in it that keeps the handle from rattling.
Nothing very expensive.

I called the painter yesterday to see if he needed the parts yet, but he said, he was soon to apply the sealer (which I think is the primer, not the clear coat yet) and to check back with him Wednesday.

It's possible he hasn't worked on my car since I saw him last, but least I know he's started on it.

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  1. You are getting a big dose of patience practice Julie!
    When my grandhunks were little & were in hurry, I would say "exercise your patience". They heard it so often, that eventually all I had to day was "exercise your ..." and they would drone out "patience" in that tone when you are sick of hearing it! ;o) Make me smile, may be a blog?