Saturday, February 11, 2017

Room with a view

Friday morning, I happened to be awake to see a brilliant sunrise.

Mom had not been doing well.
When her tumor grows, it presses on her brain and has stroke-like effects.
In this case, she was sleeping all day and not waking up.
Even when the nurses pinched and prodded her, and she would only open her eyes a bit.

We took her to the ER Friday afternoon, and now she is in the ICU.

It was a difficult 24 hours.
Her doctors wanted to put her on a feeding tube immediately, because they couldn't wake her up to take medicine.

After a few hours of treatment, the steroids took effect, and she is alert and eating.
It was tricky for awhile, because she had to be awake to answer the doctors' questions, otherwise they were determined to do the feeding tube.
But she is doing just fine, for now.

I wanted to take a day or two leave from work.
Since I can't predict my schedule to let the others know in advance, I took the whole week off, instead!
That will be interesting.

The ICU has the nicest views, from the top floor of the new building at UCI.

I got some nice views of Chapman Avenue.

Mom will be moving out of the ICU soon, so I won't get to see the sunset from this window, but I heard it is nice.

I'm on my way over there to relieve Dad, who stayed for a while so I could get some sleep.

I brought  something to read and something to draw with.

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  1. So Sorry, you and your parents are in my thoughts and prayers daily. Stay healthy. ♥