Saturday, February 18, 2017

I lost a hard drive but found a caterpillar


Today I was transferring files from my portable hard drive when it began to make a clicking sound and froze.
The computer wouldn't recognize it anymore!

I have another portable hard drive as a backup, but I hadn't backed it up since November 2015!

This isn't the first time I've had a hard drive crash, so I don't really feel too attached to anything.
It was mostly photos and some music files.
I take a lot of pictures and don't use them, and I don't buy digital music so I still have the CD's.

The pictures from this blog are saved in the cloud.

2016 was a lousy year, anyway.

My dad suggested going to Best Buy and see if they can recover the data, so I will do that after work.
Also, I have a cracked glass on my phone, and I'm sure they can fix that, too.
I'm a little worried about driving a car that won't start half the time...

Meanwhile I wandered around my yard taking pictures.

Last year I bought a "butterfly bush" and it did attract butterflies to my garden.
Today, I noticed there were a lot of aphids on it.

To my surprise, there was a Monarch butterfly caterpillar!

I've never seen one of the caterpillars, except in pictures.
(There were actually 3 or 4 more smaller caterpillars, too, but my phone battery died.)

I wonder if the plant will survive that many bugs?

The sun came out just before it set, and turned the church a pretty color:

I guess the pretty sunset kind of makes up for some of the pictures I lost.


  1. Love that blog title Julie! I love titles that capitulate the blog & intrigue.You really have some stunning photos, sorry if you lose any, but seems like they can recover just about everything.I had forgotten that I had deleted some photos from my i phone that I wanted to show to my GH's, but in a nano second they had recovered from "recently deleyted"!;o)

  2. Thanks Jacki. I didn't get to Best Buy, but I think I have figured out how to keep the car from stalling.
    My biggest problem is getting my Samsung phone to focus, even though I've learned to do multiple takes, sometimes I can't see they didn't focus until I download them, much later.