Sunday, February 5, 2017

I drew a grid in my sketchbook, and then messed it up.

Mom continues to sleep all day.
Sometimes she stays up all night watching TV, so I stayed up with her last night.

She was a little more talkative, although the things she says are more random every day.

Tomorrow we were going to take her to her doctor, but decided not to because the nurse is scheduled to come, and it's going to rain.
She doesn't seem to be uncomfortable, and all her vital signs seem good.

I let my (new) boss know that my schedule was likely to change, if we do have to take mom to the hospital again.

This weekend I added a cord and a chain to finish this necklace I started earlier:

Yesterday at work, I went outside and took pictures of the clouds.

Today I cleaned off my drawing table instead of watching the game.
I felt guilty, like I was stalling, instead of drawing.

I swept out the pencil tray at the bottom of the table top:

Last year (the last time I swept it out) I made a necklace out of all the beads I found there.

The table top will never be completely clean, but at least I made room to draw.

When I was done cleaning, I might have gone out, but the day was gloomy and I was, too.

I actually did some stuff in my sketchbook.
I was inspired by the scrap paper I found on top of the table.

I drew a grid and collaged some papers into the squares:

I wrote on top of everything with opaque pens.

I should have stopped there, (and took a picture, because it was looking OK)
but I had to try out some watercolor effects.

I sprayed everything with water and added some powder called Brusho, and it made a mess:

Maybe once it dries I will make another layer.

Anyway, I feel better now that I made something, my work space is tidier, and Mom is just waking up.

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  1. Love that you share you day and processes. More please? ;o)