Thursday, January 26, 2017

Here comes the sun. And the wind

We are having a week without rain.
Pics from earlier in the week:

I don't like the sun.
The clouds after the rain are nice.
But, it's very bright.

According to the guys painting the green car, they need some dry weather to get caught up with their painting and repairs.
(They make their money doing repairs, not painting whole cars for crazy ladies)
It's going to be another 10 days, at least...

Today I took an art class, Mixed Media at Catalyst, with artist Jacki Long.

Today we did some exercises like drawing with the non-dominant hand, and not looking at the page.
This seemed to help me a lot to get unblocked, and everyone else had a lot of great stuff too.

Jacki will have pictures of everyone's work, on her blog for tomorrow...
Link to Jacki's blog:

Jacki is an expert at taking pictures of art, but if she missed any I'll post it later tomorrow.

Mom is doing OK, but all week she has been sleeping, sleeping, sleeping, even though she isn't on her chemo pill.
I showed her some of the stuff I did in Jacki's class today, but she didn't really look at it.
She has a nurse that comes by regularly, and I've seen her sick before, so we don't think she has an illness.
I can't think of any way to cheer her up, (except maybe giving birth, but that's not going to happen anytime soon.)
Maybe her nurse can prescribe some better vitamins.
I'm just grateful for every day we have her with us.

I had a lot of energy after taking Jacki's class, probably due to the Keurig machine in the classroom.

Jacki gave me some more Sundance Catalogs!
I didn't get reading very far into the catalog when I found this bracelet I wanted to copy:

All due respect to the original designers:
Link to Sundance Catalog:

I gathered a chain and some aqua and orange beads.

After looking at them all, I didn't use any turquoise, or the smallest sized aqua beads.

I thought 6 of each kind was enough, but it wasn't long enough.
(The plain chain is the size of my wrist.)

After about an hour and a half, I was tired of putting each bead into a chain link.
I wanted a shortcut to make the strands longer, so I put a connection in the middle.
I put the charms in the middle, too:

In the end I didn't use the plain chain at all, except at the ends.

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