Friday, January 20, 2017

Day off, Inaguration Day.

Today I got up early, like 5:30 AM.
I was happy to see that the next wave of rain had just begun!
Hopefully it will rain all day and night, and put a damper on any wild protests.

I don't work until the afternoon, so I will be able to watch the inauguration on TV, if I want.

Yesterday was my day off. I got up early yesterday, too.

I changed the position of the hanging point on the earrings I made recently.
I wanted to make "umbrellas" instead of tacos!

They are inside-out umbrellas!
However, the long tube bead I added as the "handle" makes the earrings too heavy and uncomfortable to wear.

Later on, I took an art class at Catalyst, Collage and Mixed Media with artist Jacki Long

The class is like art therapy, we are pretty much free to do anything.
You can find more pictures of other people's work at Jacki's blog site.

I struggled to make these faces:

They are collage and acrylic paint on cardboard.

I haven't done enough drawing and painting in my sketchbook lately, (but I have been doing more since the New Year.)
I'm still using the same sketchbook I was taking with me to the hospital during Mom's cancer treatment during the summer!
I used to draw, paint, or journal 1 1/2 pages a day, so it has been going slow.
I bought a new sketchbook with heavier paper recently, and I hope to finish the old one soon.

I brought a lot of paper from home this time, although the class supplies us with all materials.
I miss making flowers.
I made these flower shapes from strips of paper and tissue:

I thought the background needed more paint so I made this one:

In the afternoon, I went to the Huntington Beach Pier to walk again.

The sunset looked like it would be promising.

I like it when the clouds pile up like this after a storm:

But the clouds had mostly dissipated by the time the sun set, and it was not spectacularly colorful.

Luckily, there is Photoshop to add the colors I wanted:


  1. I like the umbrella earrings, how about a tiny, thin silver chain instead of the handle? I didn't do a good job yesterday, and realized when I got home I didn't take pics like usual? I snagged your two from your blog and will add them & credit you.I hope that ok? If not let me know & I'll delete. Stay warm. ;o)

  2. OK! You're great at editing pictures. You are welcome to anything you want.