Sunday, January 22, 2017

All kinds of stuff.

While listening to the inauguration on Friday, I made two collages:

Yesterday I went to Daiso. 

I went 1 hour before closing so I wouldn't bring home the whole store!

I didn't find ink for a fountain pen I bought at a different Daiso.

I found a variety of paper.

I went for storage containers.

Instead I found some pretty dishes.

I found another cute blown glass whale (for resting your chopsticks.)
This one was a pretty blue color!

I will turn it into a pendant.

Looking straight up, yesterday afternoon:

Today it's supposed to rain more than it did on Friday. 

On Friday, the water flooded the back yard. 
It came up to the back door during an especially heavy downpour, but luckily it was able to run out into the front. 
The driveway was full of dirt.

The office manager and the business manager were inspecting a leaky roof at the church when the downpour happened 
The office manager's iPhone got ruined!

I'm going to walk to the church office (it's only a few blocks from my house) in about an hour to work on the newsletter. 

Right in the middle of the storm!
I'll be sure to keep my phone in a zip lock bag! 

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  1. Busy lady and I so enjoy keeping track of your adventures! ♥