Monday, December 12, 2016

Virgin of Guadalupe Festival Part II

Some more pictures of the event:

Outside the church, vendors sold their wares. Huaraches and serapes, crosses, statues,

 and ...


I still haven't figured out what light-sabers have to do with the Guadalupe story...
But it would make a really interesting story!

The stage was decorated with balloons and streamers.

People built floats for a parade, depicting scenes from the Guadalupe story.
They put them together literally overnight.

Some gentlemen arrived for the parade with their horses!

It isn't a real parade without horses.

(We also didn't really have a permit for horses, but the police holding back the traffic didn't say anything...)

I would have liked to walk with the parade, and see how the neighbors have decorated their houses, but I was busy selling candles.

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  1. Thanks again Julie, for sharing. This is wonderful for your neighborhood. ♥