Thursday, December 22, 2016

Stormy weather

On Sunday, I was inspired by the art class I took over the weekend.

I used pliers to rip apart a ball point pen that got messed up.
Don't you hate it when a pen falls on the point and the ball doesn't work anymore?

I poured the ink into a make-up container lid.

It had been a long time since I drew a face. Or anything.
I looked through a pile of magazines and drew the first face I saw, with the ink and a brush.

I added watercolors, and powdered pigment I bought at Art Supply Warehouse over the weekend.

A small step to drawing or making something every day, again.

Today at work was awkward.

(Nobody has mentioned discovering my portable hard drive and its heavy metal music...)

Today the tech moved all my files from the back computer, where the office manager sits, to the front desk computer.

Which includes the newsletter I make and its programs, and the baptism and wedding records.

Moving the files was something that has been discussed before.

Although I told the tech many times before, the back computer was the only one programmed with the macro to print certificates.

Now he has to learn how to make a macro, because he deleted it, and I wasn't the one who made that program in the first place, 20 years ago... 
I noticed he Googled how to make a macro, which is what I would have done.

They will get it to work again. 
I don't know why I am the only person who knows how to look up the data and print out a certificate.
I have shown anyone who asks, what I am doing and how to do it.

There is even an old-fashioned typewriter and some old-fashioned blank certificate forms.
(Today I saw that the new office manager threw all the blank forms into the trash. I would have saved them to turn into collage, but just looking at them gave me bitter feelings.)

I am so tempted to go on vacation, and let them sort it out themselves.
But I won't because I'm too scared that I won't have a job when I get back...

Anyway, Thursday is my day off, and after a few hours my feelings will sort themselves out.

Mom doesn't have a doctor's appointment Thursday.
I hope to get some work done on the car! 
If only it weren't so rainy.

I'm supposed to take my car to the painter on Friday, and I am anxious about that too!

I hate anything that buzzes and flies. But this guy's Youtube is pretty addicting.
He finally got himself stung by the supposedly most painful stinging insect in the world:

I stepped on a paper wasp once, so I can sympathize. 
Anything to get ratings, bro.

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