Tuesday, November 1, 2016

This past weekend, continued.

On Saturday night, after photographing the Day of the Dead altars, I decided to cruise around in the green car.
The car was not its perky self, and I noticed a patch of oil on the driveway.
I know we undid whatever we did to make it pass smog, as soon as I got back from the smog place.
This must be something new, especially with the oil leak.

On Sunday I got up and watched more Dark Shadows.
I got to the part where Barnabas Collins shows up.
He isn't as boring as I thought he would be.

I made some more bracelets.

I planned to go to the pier at Huntington Beach. I hadn't gone all year, maybe.

First, I went to the Daiso store on Beach Blvd.
I went for their single-cup tea bags that you can fill with your own loose leaf tea.
I also found all kinds of other things!
I'll get into them tomorrow.

When I got to Main St, the parking meter ate my quarters, and it spoiled my mood.
I ended up parking in the garage under the hotel.

My mood improved when I saw the beautiful scenery.

I noticed some things had changed.
There were more drones in the sky, and more stand-up paddlers in the surf.

Everything else was still the same.
The drum line was drumming, and the flags at the shop on the pier were spinning.

The sky was still in the same place, too, but it was awfully warm.
I didn't even need a sweater.

My camera has some different color settings and I tried them out:

I got to the end of the pier at sunset, exactly 6:00 pm.

I would have got my fortune told, but Zoltar was out of order!

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  1. Sounds like a great day! Good pics too!
    I especially like the silhouettes. ;o)