Wednesday, October 12, 2016

One step forward and two steps back

Today I made a few stretch bracelets out of common seed beads.
I even took a container of beads to my work.
I was really answering the phone when I was doing this though...

Yay! One bead after another. Just to remind me of time passing.

I wouldn't gift them to anyone because my knots aren't great. They might just fall apart!

I can't remember the last time I drew anything in my sketchbook, but I still write down rants in there.

The office manager has been posting all kinds of job openings at the church this week.
Admin assistant, Website editor, cook and custodian are just some of the openings.
I haven't taken a vacation since October '09, so having a stand-in would be nice.

On the other hand I was offered and had to turn down a full time position because of taking care of my elder parents...

My sister went to her conference so it's back to Dad and me mostly taking care of Mom.
Mom wasn't feeling good today but she said it wasn't because she was sad that Sister left.
If she keeps feeling bad we'll go to the Dr. tomorrow but otherwise her vitals are OK.

October is a great month for sunsets!
I took these yesterday.

We have these huge redwood pine trees at the church.
They were planted in 1960 and are way over 100 feet tall.
There is always a big hawk perched there, or smaller falcons, stalking the ubiquitous church pigeons.
This large hawk, maybe a Red Tail, I spotted when it flew up and perched this afternoon.

If I could get my act together, I would get the Audobon society to put in a raptor nest in there.
I love watching those live nest-cams.
It would be great for the kids at our grade school.

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  1. Love the sunsets & the hawk,'Take good care Julie.