Monday, October 17, 2016

Another boring week

I made a few more stretch bracelets, the other day.

I feel like I've forgotten everything I ever learned about art!

I picked some flowers Saturday, and started a sketch in a tiny corner of a page in my sketchbook.
I realized this was my only drawing all month.

Today at Michael's I bought a silicone mold-making kit. I can press things into it to make my own molds. It says it can stand up to 400 degrees, the same as the ready-made silicone molds I bought.
I am hoping to make my own molds to melt the solder into.
Even if the solder ends up too hot for the material, I can always use the molds to bake Fimo clay.

I have been watching some videos on YouTube all week.
"Dark Shadows." Inspired by Halloween.

I've heard about this groundbreaking 60's gothic soap-opera for a long time.
I've tried not to see any spoilers, but I was disappointed to learn that the awfully slow-moving plot lasts for like 1,000 episodes! And four years!

One day, I found a video of this guy finding a giant sea slug at a local beach:
It really brought back memories of seeing one as a child.
Giant black sea slugs really exist, after all!

Unfortunately, this stupid guy wants to get stung by a Tarantula Hawk wasp.
He has been wandering in the Arizona desert and finally caught a Tarantula Hawk.
After falling into a pile of "jumping" Cholla cacutus.

I have a horrible fear of bees and wasps. I also like walking around barefoot.
I have stepped on bees, and once I stepped on a paper wasp, (which ranks 3 on the scale of 4.)
I can't adequately describe the difference.

Hopefully, he will quit trying to get stung by things after that.
Or maybe he caught a sting-less male.

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