Monday, September 12, 2016

Busy at home

Mom did come home on Sunday, after all.

Although we thought we were prepared, it was a very stressful weekend.

My Dad and I scrambled around trying to make sense of the list of medicines, (now a lot less,) organize the care products where they could be handy, since she is staying in a hospital bed in the front room, and buying groceries to plan healthy meals.
(I think Dad and I ate frozen pizza for two months, when we ate anything at home at all)

Everyone was glad to have Mom back at home.

I got to spend an hour Sunday evening in my back yard, which I hadn't done since July 4th.

Today Mom got visited by a lot of nurses and physical therapists to plan her home care.
They will only be coming a few days a week.

At work, I ended up staying late to finish the parish newsletter.
It has to be mailed in by the end of the day (technically Tuesday morning would be OK.)
I just wasn't happy with the layout of some of the announcements. Oh well.

So, no new drawings or jewelry.

Tonight, while I was making my dinner, I decided to bake some rice to have it ready as a side dish,
I mostly followed this recipe:

I dumped all the ingredients in before the rice, and the spices looked nice so I took a pic:

It looks like a lot of spices but they are just floating on tomato sauce.
My food usually ends up extremely bland, anyway so it should be OK.

It smelled good enough to eat even before it was cooked!

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  1. Bon appetite! Take care Julie.
    Glad Mom is home, I bet she is glad. ♥♥♥