Friday, March 4, 2016


Yesterday I finished painting my bedroom, and today I put all the furniture in new places.
It was good exercise so I don't feel so bad about having to give up walking to work.
(I didn't take any pictures of the room.)

I dreamed about making a left turn onto a freeway on-ramp. It went OK, but it began to rain.
It was a big deal because last year I got in a wreck making a routine left turn.

I dreamed I called my friend the mechanic and I forgot he doesn't work at that shop anymore and a florist answered. ???

I didn't draw any of that.

Soon I will have to do a tune up on my green car. It's not running right.
I was supposed to have the car painted last month!

A while back I made a blog just for the two firebirds called
I wanted to document what it takes to maintain a 25 or 30 year old car.
At some point I will have a LOT to post there...
It's just that this week my OCD mind is obsessed about redecorating a room.

This video of a music machine powered by marbles, is one of the most popular videos on YouTube this week:

Looking at the music machine reminds me about all my friends in the car club, and the amazing things they can do with a small block chevy V8.

My car's motor looks like that to me, except it doesn't just sound pretty, it goes fast too,

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