Friday, February 12, 2016


Yesterday I went to Home Depot to get some wood to finish a project I started years ago.
It is a very simple project and a lot of people like it.

I have a lot of nail polish and I came up with this idea to make a shelf that is exactly the width of a bottle of nail polish.
All it is, is pieces of crown molding, (which is the kind of wood that goes around a door for instance.)

It is about 1" wide. It already comes primered in white so all you have to do is cut it and screw it to the wall.

I had time to make a few collages today at work, to the chagrin of my "bosses."

These collages are based on dreams I had.
I always get the best (and creepiest) inspiration from dreams!

In one dream my cat fell into a machine and got ground up and died.
Why did I have a meat grinder the size of the stove in my house, anyway?
I was really sad, but in the dream I said "I never liked her anyway."

In another dream, I had to write a letter or a postcard.
It was a picture of a tropical island. In the dream I knew the name.
I couldn't write down the address correctly.
It was just a string of letters put together, like German or Swedish.

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  1. Clever! And you do have a lot of polish!
    Can't wait to check out your manicure!