Friday, October 16, 2015

This summer I took a couple journal art classes at Catalyst, a studio space that's part of Art Supply Warehouse.
The classes were taught by Jacki Long, who is a great artist, and inspired me to start my own blog.

Some of the techniques we used were making collages, and applying acrylic paint with credit cards.
I'd tried a little collaging and acrylic in my sketchbooks before, but Jacki's instructions made it much more easy and fun to do.
Before this, I was mostly using watercolors and soluble pencils, or acrylics in a kind of wash.
Because I do most of my drawing at my desk at work, and its hard to pack acrylic paints!

This week, I stashed away a box of small cheap tube acrylics, so I didn't have to lug it back and forth to work.
Today I drew this lady from a magazine, and I did the background with acrylic and collage in a style like we did in Jacki's journal class.

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  1. I am so flattered Julie, and thrilled that you are using your tremendous talent. I think you'll enjoy looking back at iyour blog later.So happy for you!