Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Wasting time

Tuesday was my regularly scheduled day off.

I returned the ratchet and got the correct size.

It looks the same, right?

Another thing I did this weekend was sprout some beans.

I have never made bean sprouts (except maybe in kindergarten) so I looked up how to do this.

Here is using some beans from a bag of "12-bean"mix.

They are about 3 or 4 days old now.

They don't stay in the water.

You soak and rinse them daily to get rid of debris, and leave the damp beans in a dark place.

Once they are big enough, I think they go in the fridge.

These chia seeds look definitely moldy.

The instructions called for a damp terra cotta plate, not a jar.

I don't know what to do with them now. I'm definitely not eating them! I guess I'll plant them.

I planted one of each bean in the garden, but it's a little late in the year, and the soil is dry.

Another thing that happened was that dad found out I was using the type ball from Mom's old typewriter.

He fixed the typewriter. It needed a new power cord.

He asked for the type ball back.

He likes the font on the type ball I was rolling around in paint.

Here is the old font on top, and the one I was playing with on the bottom.

I didn't ruin it, but I can't play with it anymore.

I bought a shower curtain on clearance at Target.

Only about 12.99.

It replaced a curtain that had aqua colors, that went with the old teal walls

I don't know how I decided royal blue goes with gray and cloud blue, but it does.

It reminds me of Summer, and all the Hawaii I've been seeing in the news.

The cat approves.

Mostly over the long weekend, I worked in the sketchbook.

I am determined to finish it by the end of May and start a new one in June.

I don't have any pictures of it today, but in the next post I will.

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  1. Interesting! Love the typewriter & ball and also your new shower curtain.There's a treat in this Thursday's last class, or maybe it's a bribe?