Saturday, May 19, 2018

Two unusual experiments with ink

On Thursday, I took an art Journal class with artist Jacki Long.

Jacki introduces us to different techniques and we can try them out in the journal.

On that day, we tried a new technique I'd never seen before.

You dip a piece of twine or yarn into ink.

Then you lay it in an interesting way on the sketchbook page.

You close the book, pressing the pages together.

Carefully drag the string out.

When you open up the page again, it leaves behind an abstract shape.

The design is a little runny.

Repeating the process with the same string, without dipping it again in the ink, leaves behind a much more linear design.

I'm still new at it so I'm sure there is a way to do it.

Jacki had a link to a web page, but I forget where...

At home I am (still) putting things away after the home remodel.

I found this piece from a long gone typewriter.

I'd been saving it for something creative.

I put it on an old brush handle.

I rolled it in watery ink.

I rolled it on a page and also tried banging it on the page like a typewriter.

I wasn't impressed with the marks it left behind.

I noticed that it kind of embossed the paper, though, which gave me an idea.

I put a layer of acrylic paint all over a page that had already been painted.

Then I rolled the part over the damp paint.

This left a much more interesting mark...


  1. Great tutorial Julie! Yours are better than my pitiful demo.
    I absolutely LOVE the type ball from an old typewriter, what a gem! I couldn't tell the effect till I enlarged and your final is a beauty! Bravo!

  2. Thanks Jacki. I need to do more close-ups