Monday, May 28, 2018

Jacaranda trees and ratchets

I am really enjoying my extra day off this week.

I didn't do much today, but I got rid of some pictures in my camera roll.

On Sunday, I worked briefly at the church office. I only screwed up a few things.

Luckily it was the long weekend and most people were gone.

I walk to work whenever I can, when it's daytime and I'm not running late.


The jacaranda trees are more than halfway finished blooming.

I like the way the sunlight streams through the flowers.

They sparkle.

It's hard to capture it in a photo.

I had energy left in the afternoon to take out the carpet from the trunk of the green car.

Here are the large plastic pieces that line the sides of the trunk.

The trunk carpet is a separate piece from the front of the car.

This seat belt did not want to come out so I cut the carpet out around it.

Not sure what to do when I put the carpet back in, but I'll deal with it when it comes up.

I began working my way to the front of the car.

I took the front seats and seat belts out.

The front seats are easy, just four bolts into the floor.

I spent an hour, most of which was spent trying to find the right tools.

I reached the carpet under the car radio, and I ran out of patience.

I needed a small wrench to fit under there.

Usually a tool kit comes with a "big one" and a "small one" but the small one has been lost.

I went to the parts store and bought one.

(I didn't go to Sears.)

I had a big wrench that had an adapter to make the end smaller.

But this also makes the wrench longer, so it doesn't fit in tight spaces.

I showed the adaptor to the parts store employee and asked him if this was the right size.

The packaging covers the important end, so I wasn't sure. It said 3/8" which sounded small.

He told me it was the right size, but it ended up being another "large one."

I have three of these...

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