Friday, February 23, 2018

The month in review

It has been a few weeks since the renovations ended, and everything is still a mess!

My friends want to see pictures of the house, but it's still too messy!

I've been spending much of my free time putting things back into cabinets and closets.

Now, the workers are gone and my art things are back in place. Kinda.

Here is the cat taking a nap on in a big file cabinet of nothing important except magazine clippings.

I haven't gotten back to making art every day...
It's my goal, but it's been awhile since I stopped doing that, and it's hard to get back there.

I still made more art than I have in awhile.

I made a grid in my sketchbook!

Then I drew a fashion model behind it.

I also made some collages.

Here, I was inspired by Elon Musk launching his Tesla into space.

I'm glad the video feed ended quickly, because seeing the car drifting in space was eerie.

This week, I made some collages with more time and contemplation, about some dreams I had.

This was a dream about my caring for Mom when she was in a catatonic state.
In the dream Mom was also my daughter.
I don't have a daughter.

In this dream I was trying to save hummingbirds the cat had mauled.

Yesterday, I even started a beaded necklace, inspired by this magazine picture:

The colors reminded me of the 80's and 90's, and New Age music that I was fond of.

I couldn't find anything in my collection of beads to resemble those stones.

Instead I found some iridescent "pearls" and turquoise.

I used some beads from a bracelet that I never wore.

Here is the results.

I took a picture outside, to really bring out the colors.

It is still a long way off from what I intended, but a step in the right direction.

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  1. So glad to hear from you.
    Glad you are finding time to do art,you are so talented.
    Looking forward to more. ;o)