Thursday, August 17, 2017

Time is flying by.

No word yet from the painter.

I know he didn't work on it all week, because he said so when I called him yesterday.

So it probably won't be done today, either.

However, Don the mechanic returns from vacation on Saturday.

I haven't told him about the stolen battery because I don't want to ruin his vacation.

He is going to be so mad.

If there is something wrong with the green car, I'd feel better knowing he's around to look at it.

Yesterday, I went with my uncle (dad's brother) and my aunt from Cincinnati to the HB pier.

I think I take all my relatives there!

Dad is the one in the middle.

My aunt and uncle asked me about what kind of art I had done lately.

I haven't done anything in a whole month! Just stewing over the car.

I hadn't seen them since 2015. I showed them some jewelry I made a long time ago.

Their daughter, my cousin Terry Berlier, is an amazing artist and teaches at UC Davis.

This week, some one put graffiti on one of the church buildings.

The pastor is pretty upset.
He wants me to put an announcement in the weekly newsletter.

Juan, the resident student and landscape artist at the church, put some cute butterfly lights on a statue.

Today is my day off so maybe I'll do something creative instead of feeling sorry for myself.

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  1. Glad you got to go to te Pier, you seem happy there! ;o)