Friday, August 25, 2017

Things looking better this morning

After work yesterday, I was disappointed to see some swirl marks on the back bumper.

There was a LOT of this on the car Sunday, which is why I left the car there a few more days.

I washed the car last night, but it got dark, and I couldn't see if it helped.

However, I still saw swirls when I shined the headlights on it later.

This morning, in indirect light, you can't really see anything swirly going on at all.

I don't think the painter is going to take the car back to do any more polishing.

I don't want to leave it with him any more either!

It's hard to complain when it used to look like this:

The inside of the car is next on the list.

It was crappy when I bought it.

It stinks, too.

I have already the carpet to go inside on the floors.

Eventually I'll throw out these seats and replace them with newer model seats.

For now, I went to Autozone and bought new seat covers.

The seat covers and a little Febreeze made a big improvement.

Today I don't go in to work until the evening, so it will be another long day with the car.

I will be picking up the polished rims and putting them on this car.

Also, a lot of the bumper pieces that attach to the lower door and rear, are only attached with very few screws, because the painter lost a bunch of screws.

Besides my front license plate, I'm missing three out of four floor mats, and a large piece of plastic trim that goes in the trunk, too.

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