Friday, August 11, 2017

My car is still not done

I went to the painters to check out my car this afternoon.

My car is still there.

It appears that nothing else was stolen but the battery.
He had left it outside with the hood open (like it was in the last picture I took)

Of course, it wasn't nearly ready to bring home.

It looks more polished, (but it was dark inside the garage.)

The door strips were on, but one of them is definitely askew.

I printed out a bunch of pictures like this, of the position of the door strips on the red car:

I forgot to tell him not to put the "Firebird" badges back on the green car!
I told him many months ago, but when he saw them in the picture recently, he thought it meant I wanted them.

They're ugly.
These things are stuck with extra permanent tape and can't be moved again, ever.

There are issues with the interior.
It's very dirty.
The interior door panels are not on.

After talking to the painter, he said that lately, the car hadn't been wanting to run right
(before the battery was stolen).

If Don the mechanic was around, he could go and see it!
Don's shop is close by.
But he's on vacation until the 19th.

Of course, I had to leave the car with the painter another day.

I'm so upset, I will have to drive there tonight and see for myself that he put the car away.

9:45 pm. Edit: I didn't go, it was too far and too late and just too crazy.

Writing about only makes me more upset.

There's nothing I can do until tomorrow and check on the progress.

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