Saturday, July 15, 2017

Third Gen Picnic

Today (Saturday) there was a picnic at Craig park in Fullerton for local owners of 3rd generation Camaros and Firebirds.

I missed last year's picnic because Mom was in the hospital last summer.

We had most of a section of parking lot to ourselves.

There were more people at the picnic than I remembered.

Some people came from San Diego and others from Central California.

I counted 16 cars, and also some people who came without their cars.

During the 10 years these cars were in production, they came with a lot of options.

Hard tops, Convertibles, or T-Tops.

Different front ends and rear spoilers, different rims and different motors.

Everyone's car is different, but based on the same body style which is called the F-Body.

These two are Camaros:

A friend named Steve just got his car back after having it repainted.

My car and Steve's car are both Firebirds.

Steve's is a different year and also the deluxe package, which is a Trans Am GTA.

It is a very unique dark maroon color.

I wish the green car was done already!

But, at least I didn't steal the spotlight from Steve's new paint job.

We are planning another picnic in September.
I sure hope it's done by then...

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