Saturday, July 1, 2017

Long way to go

Yesterday I had some time in the afternoon before work.

I went to visit Don the mechanic (and the painter which is a few blocks away.)

It feels like time is flying by and nothing is happening.

Don said he had been waiting to get several parts orders together so he can make a bulk shipment, which is why he didn't have my clutch parts yet...

The clutch is doing OK for now, it doesn't stick as much but the problem isn't going away either...

I'm also working on getting parts for larger brakes.

This day, Don was working on making a replacement for a power radio antenna.

Cars nowadays don't have retractable antennas, they have a wi-fi gadget on the roof, so it is hard to find parts for them.

Later we went to see Roberto and my car.

Roberto wasn't there but my car was outside his place, so we took a look at it.

It looked like Roberto has done a little more work on it.

It was not as dusty with polish, the hood was done and the scary patch on the driver's side door was gone.

Don agreed that the color is right.

But there is no way the painter will be done "tomorrow."

There are still a lot of things left to shine and re-attach.

A man at the unit next door said, "Is that going to be a classic?"

That's an interesting question!

When I got my first 3rd-Generation 15 years ago, it was funky and outdated, but I had a feeling it would be considered a classic car one day.

My 92's are the last of the 80's body style, and are now 25 years old.

The 82 Knight Rider car was the first of the same body style, and that is 35 years old!

You don't see them much anymore, and everywhere I go I get a lot of compliments.

But there isn't really a place for them, or other 80's cars, in the traditional "classic car shows."

I think we need our own class of car show.

You know, there's "Antique" cars like Model T's, and "Classic" cars are usually before 1975.

I wonder what we would call these?

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