Friday, June 23, 2017

Sun Visor and Sam

Last night, I was cleaning my red car and decided to fix the sun visors.

The sun visor is a cardboard flap covered with cloth.
It fits on an arm with a plastic fitting inside the flap.
Over time the plastic inside gets old.
This causes the sun visors to flop down loosely.

I took apart the sun visor which is pretty easy, just unscrew the screw on the flap.
Inside the flap is a plastic piece which slides over this metal arm.

I went to Autozone with the little part, but when I got there, the part had vanished.
It must have fallen under the seat.

I went in the store and asked, and Autozone doesn't carry them, anyway!
I would have to order it online.

Today when I got up, the sun visor wasn't on the living room chair.
It was in the patio.

Dad had found it in the yard.

Sam had chewed it all up!!!

I guess he got his revenge for the shots he got earlier this week...

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