Monday, June 26, 2017

studs on a denim jacket

This weekend I was inspired to put studs on an old denim jacket.

I've noticed a lot of decorated denim jackets around lately.
It seemed like the thing to do.

Some of these studs came with a denim jacket I bought way back in grade school!

Other ones I used to decorate this old messenger bag I had in college:

(I saved the bag in case I needed more studs, but I didn't use them after all.)

There isn't much to putting in the studs.
The studs have prongs on the back.
You push them through the fabric and then press the prongs inward to make them hold.

I also considered adding patches to the back of the jacket.

I have a bunch of patches from some long-lost relative who was into sports.

I didn't get around to using the patches, but I came up with some interesting combinations.

Here is the result:

I also just bought this really cool wallet on Amazon.

My old wallet was from the same company, called Shag Wear.
They only sell wholesale, but there are different designs at different vendors.

I couldn't resist this one that looks like a little journal!

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  1. Love seeing what you're up to,
    and wondering about the green car?♥