Sunday, May 21, 2017

not the beach I'm looking for

It's been a busy week.

On Wednesday I smog checked the red car. It passed.

There is something wrong with the clutch. Sometimes it won't change gears.
Don is busy working on another car and won't be able to look at it for a few weeks.

Also the brakes are getting grabby. Maybe I warped them...
It's not unusual for me to need a new transmission and/or brakes every year.

The red car has 15" rims and old fashioned drum brakes.
I want year 2000's style disc brakes, but they only fit on 16" rims, so I have been looking into that.

No word yet on the green car, but I get the feeling it's being worked on.

I did some creative stuff this week but nothing fancy.

I made two necklaces.

I changed the pendant on this one:

I painted some faces in my sketchbook.

On Thursday I decided to go to a new beach.
I wanted to go somewhere other than the Huntington Beach Pier.

I think it's called Fisherman's cove or Diver's cove. It's in Laguna near Heisler Park.

There are a lot of little beaches in Laguna that I haven't been to.
I haven't been to them because sometime parking can be tricky.
This one had metered parking which is better than street parking.

On thing I didn't consider was navigating small hilly residential streets to get there!
I forgot that driving on hills can be tricky...

Somehow I got to the parking lot without incident.
There was exactly one empty space in about 50 spaces.

I didn't enjoy my walk on the beach because now my stomach was hurting.

There were some interesting rock formations.

Some people were climbing over the rocks to the next cove.

It didn't look hard to cross, but I wasn't feeling very adventurous.

I think I was there for only 15 minutes.


  1. It doesn't take long to get great photos,
    you always have great beach photos.
    Maybe it calls to you?

  2. Thanks Jacki!
    It's also helpful to get a few good photos by taking 100 or so!
    Thank goodness for cell phones today, you don't need to buy film anymore.
    And you can't miss, with sunset photos.