Wednesday, May 10, 2017

My day off, not feeling well.

Wednesday is my new day off of the week.

Today I woke up with a sore throat.
I didn't have any other symptoms, probably because I've had a flu shot.

I didn't have any energy to go roaming around either.

I had wanted to get my red car smog checked, and visit the green car's painter...

Instead I slept in, stayed at home and painted some more!

I tried so hard not to catch a cold while caring for Mom.
I didn't want to pass it on to her!
But now I can enjoy my sick day sleeping in.

I "fixed" two of the ink sketches in my sketchbook.
These were faces I had sketched from a tv show, a few weeks ago.

I tried to fix some of the irregularities in the faces.

I looked at other pictures of people to get the proportions right.

I added some more black and white ink, and colors.

A few days ago I dreamed I was watching a musical in a big theater.
The theme was a Western.
A lot of people I knew were there.

I was laying pebbles around the bleachers, like the ones I had placed around my fish pond.
I didn't want people to trip and fall.

For some reason people had brought their pet bulldogs, and they roamed all over.
They acted friendly, but their eyes were red!

I made a collage about the dream.

I gathered up some pictures of bulldogs. (Or pugs, etc.)

I painted a background in my sketchbook with acrylic.

Many of the pictures had the dogs outside, so I painted the background blue and green.

Then I just pasted everything around.

I'm not feeling great today, but I'm forced to stay home and have fun!

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  1. Your body is probably feeling the need for rest? A bit of let down maybe. Take good care Julie, you deserve it. Love seeing your artwork! ;o)