Tuesday, May 9, 2017

more faces

Here are some more faces I drew in my sketchbook.

I experimented with drawing faces in different water soluble crayons.

I'm not really trying to make accurate faces,
just playing around and getting in the habit of drawing again.

I painted over them with different kinds of watercolor and ink.
I liked these purple ones.

Not all the experiments worked, but I had fun watching the paint drip.

I tried ink instead of watercolor. Neon yellow ink.
It dried much slower.
I sprayed it with something red, probably ink, too.
It totally dried like this.

I liked the layered look.
Maybe a different color combination would have been better!

I dumped a little too much of the Brusho powdered pigments on this one:

Maybe it's not finished yet.


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  2. Fun to play, right? Good for you. ♥