Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Catching up.

Last week was Mom's funeral.
I had family over, and did a lot of things, but didn't take many pictures.

The corner pieces of the fancy casket were detachable, and at the burial we were able to give them out to various members of the family, which was nice.

One of the creative things I did last week was to make centerpieces for a little get-together in the school hall.

The oversized mugs came from the Dollar Tree.
The flowers were annuals from Walmart and cost a dollar or so, too.
I removed the flowers from the planting pots and wrapped them in foil paper before putting them into the mugs.

My sister was a great help during this time.
We spent a lot of time shopping for things for the get-together.
People brought a lot of food, as usual. There were a lot of things left over.

During the two weeks I was away from work, the pastor allowed three teenage brothers to stay in some unused rooms above the office.
The office used to be a convent, and some of the rooms are still kept as bedrooms for visitors, seminary students, and the ex-student and now groundskeeper.

The oldest brother, 19, was finding them a place to rent, and Monday was their last day here.
They helped setting up tables for my funeral event, and helped cleaning up.
And they ate the leftovers we couldn't take home, which I left in the office kitchen.
I'm not being sarcastic, I'm glad the food didn't go to waste!
I think there were five cakes and pies.

Today was my first day back at work after a few weeks off.
More time off than I'm used to!

And I cleaned off my drawing table and wrote a little in my journal.

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