Monday, May 29, 2017

This week I made earrings.

I really enjoyed my day off today.
Sam has a day off, every day:

On Saturday I started missing my Green Car again.

How could I cruise around on Memorial Day without my best car?
(the local Camaro / Firebird club didn't have any events)

I called the painter and he said, "the car has been painted, (except for one part.) It turned out very nice. He just has to put the car back together again, and it should be done by Wednesday."

I'll be happy if it's ready by Friday...
We'll see.

Meanwhile the clutch in the Red Car is on its last legs.

On Wednesday I got my roots dyed.
It has been about a year since I have seen my stylist.
She was once my next door neighbor, so it was mostly to catch up on things.

The clouds were amazing that day.

During the week I also made lots of earrings, enough to last me all summer long.

(Sorry about the dark pictures I took from my desk lamp, but my dinner is burning, and I don't have time to brighten them up in Photoshop)

These were some I did on Thursday or Friday:

I was really pleased with this idea that I came up with mostly on my own,
putting a bead in the middle of a silver colored loop:

I think I will make it in all different colors.

Today I saw this idea in an Elle magazine:

Somehow I ended up with this:

Kind of ironic because the idea was about the color contrast.

Somehow I always try to make things match...

I tried to make it in pink:

Then I started to think the color was progressing toward purple...
So the last bead should be purple, right?

Then I didn't have a medium-purple bead to go in the ring.

I was starting to over think everything, so I put it away for another day.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Mom's fidget toy

Fidget toys have been in the news lately.
I asked my brother to send us a fidget cube, as a kind of physical therapy for Mom.
It has buttons and sliders and things to press.

Part of her treatment was steroids, which made her very fidgety

Unfortunately they were really back ordered. 

I just got the package today:

Sorry I don't have a better picture. The blue cube on the right ^ is a silicone key chain holder.
You can look up Fidget Cube online.

The Fidget Cube is supposed to be less distracting than the Fidget Spinners...

Yesterday I was cleaning up (I'm always moving paper from one pile to another) and I found one of those Sundance catalogs and copied a few things.

The Sundance company has some awesome jewelry designers.

I don't sell jewelry anywhere, and I copy their designs for learning purposes only:

I made this stretchy bracelet to copy the one above, using what I had available:

Also I really wanted to make the necklace, but it was going to require putting a lot of beads onto chains.
After looking around, though, I found some turquoise colored beads that were already strung.

I think I got them at Walmart.

I added a plain chain, and some little colored bits, and I even found a very similar chain like the one from Walmart, that I had started, for some long forgotten project.

It came out nice. 

I've made a lot of necklaces but I haven't really worn many of them.
It doesn't help that I have a really short neck.

I do think I'll wear the bracelet a lot, it's very uplifting

Sunday, May 21, 2017

More purple flowers


I think the jacaranda trees blossomed more this year because of the rain.

Maybe I walked around the neighborhood more this year?

Dad says they bloomed twice last year, but I dunno...
They are from South America and many years ago, they used to bloom only in the fall.

Close up of the flowers:

Other years I have noticed fewer flowers, and more sticky sap residue.

They still make a mess on the streets.
This was last Sunday, 1 day after the gardener leaf-blowed the driveway:

I am kinda glad the painter hasn't finished my Green car yet.
I would hate for it to get rained on by these purple flowers!

I also made some bracelets today.
I was looking for an idea and I found these long tube beads:

I cut some elastic type cords and stuffed them into the tubes with a little super glue:

I didn't put a lot of glue because I didn't want the outside to get crusty.

At first they all fell apart when I went to put them on.
I expected that, since I didn't know what I was doing.

After another drop of glue, they were all cemented pretty well and didn't come apart again.
I think it worked only because there is a lot of surface area inside the metal tubes.

not the beach I'm looking for

It's been a busy week.

On Wednesday I smog checked the red car. It passed.

There is something wrong with the clutch. Sometimes it won't change gears.
Don is busy working on another car and won't be able to look at it for a few weeks.

Also the brakes are getting grabby. Maybe I warped them...
It's not unusual for me to need a new transmission and/or brakes every year.

The red car has 15" rims and old fashioned drum brakes.
I want year 2000's style disc brakes, but they only fit on 16" rims, so I have been looking into that.

No word yet on the green car, but I get the feeling it's being worked on.

I did some creative stuff this week but nothing fancy.

I made two necklaces.

I changed the pendant on this one:

I painted some faces in my sketchbook.

On Thursday I decided to go to a new beach.
I wanted to go somewhere other than the Huntington Beach Pier.

I think it's called Fisherman's cove or Diver's cove. It's in Laguna near Heisler Park.

There are a lot of little beaches in Laguna that I haven't been to.
I haven't been to them because sometime parking can be tricky.
This one had metered parking which is better than street parking.

On thing I didn't consider was navigating small hilly residential streets to get there!
I forgot that driving on hills can be tricky...

Somehow I got to the parking lot without incident.
There was exactly one empty space in about 50 spaces.

I didn't enjoy my walk on the beach because now my stomach was hurting.

There were some interesting rock formations.

Some people were climbing over the rocks to the next cove.

It didn't look hard to cross, but I wasn't feeling very adventurous.

I think I was there for only 15 minutes.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

not a potato

The other day I found giant kelp on the beach.
I had never seen seaweed that big before!

It had some round, air-filled bladders about the size of coconuts.

I brought two pieces home to dissect them.

The insides looked much like I imagined.

(There wasn't a mermaid or a baby shark inside.) :/

It didn't stink, which was a surprise.
It smelled a little like vinegar and banana leaves.

It was a little slimy, like aloe vera, but firm and translucent.

I used the kelp like a potato stamp.

I had fun and made a mess, as usual.

Someday soon, I'll go to a different beach, one with more junk.

Maybe I'll find something I can use to make jewelry?

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Time for reflection

After taking two weeks off work for bereavement, I had so much paperwork to catch up on!
Every day at work has been crazy busy...
But I'm catching up.

On Sunday I was driving around and decided to walk on the HB pier.
I didn't want to walk, but I've been really getting out of shape.

Also maybe I might see a shark! Sharks have been in the local news a lot.

For some reason I walked under the pier instead.

Walking on the sand was harder than I remembered...

There weren't twenty photographers taking pictures of the pier.
Only a handful of people.
Maybe because it was Mother's day.

The sky made interesting reflections in the water.

Somebody had thrown these roses into the water.

I didn't see any sharks but I saw an interesting sunset.

Walking back to my car, I found some giant kelp.

I decided to take a piece home for a closer look.
Is that weird? I'm sure I looked weird carrying it around.

I haven't decided what to do with it, but it's going to get rotten soon.

Today (Weds) is my day off so I will spend some time dissecting it.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

My day off, not feeling well.

Wednesday is my new day off of the week.

Today I woke up with a sore throat.
I didn't have any other symptoms, probably because I've had a flu shot.

I didn't have any energy to go roaming around either.

I had wanted to get my red car smog checked, and visit the green car's painter...

Instead I slept in, stayed at home and painted some more!

I tried so hard not to catch a cold while caring for Mom.
I didn't want to pass it on to her!
But now I can enjoy my sick day sleeping in.

I "fixed" two of the ink sketches in my sketchbook.
These were faces I had sketched from a tv show, a few weeks ago.

I tried to fix some of the irregularities in the faces.

I looked at other pictures of people to get the proportions right.

I added some more black and white ink, and colors.

A few days ago I dreamed I was watching a musical in a big theater.
The theme was a Western.
A lot of people I knew were there.

I was laying pebbles around the bleachers, like the ones I had placed around my fish pond.
I didn't want people to trip and fall.

For some reason people had brought their pet bulldogs, and they roamed all over.
They acted friendly, but their eyes were red!

I made a collage about the dream.

I gathered up some pictures of bulldogs. (Or pugs, etc.)

I painted a background in my sketchbook with acrylic.

Many of the pictures had the dogs outside, so I painted the background blue and green.

Then I just pasted everything around.

I'm not feeling great today, but I'm forced to stay home and have fun!

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

more faces

Here are some more faces I drew in my sketchbook.

I experimented with drawing faces in different water soluble crayons.

I'm not really trying to make accurate faces,
just playing around and getting in the habit of drawing again.

I painted over them with different kinds of watercolor and ink.
I liked these purple ones.

Not all the experiments worked, but I had fun watching the paint drip.

I tried ink instead of watercolor. Neon yellow ink.
It dried much slower.
I sprayed it with something red, probably ink, too.
It totally dried like this.

I liked the layered look.
Maybe a different color combination would have been better!

I dumped a little too much of the Brusho powdered pigments on this one:

Maybe it's not finished yet.