Thursday, April 13, 2017

Better day.

Today I got some better news.
The home health care service has decided that Mom is not well enough to travel to her doctor's appointments, so they will finally send a doctor to see her for things like lab tests.
However, that also means that Mom really isn't well.

We will meet a new oncologist next week, and for that she has to travel there.

Today I made a bracelet out of some tiny beads.

I wanted to make some earrings to match.
I decided to make some round hoops. I made some round-ish earrings a few years ago.

I chose a wire sturdy enough to keep a round shape, but it was too thick to pass through those beads.
I had to use different beads.

I decided I wanted another smaller loop, too.

This is what resulted.

I came across this video of a teacher who finishes his student's doodles:

I don't know if it's true or not, but it reminds me of my school days.
None of my notes or textbooks had a page that I didn't doodle on.
I even got in trouble for making fun of a teacher or two in my textbooks!

I'm not fond of his new name, but I still watch Man of Water's surf videos.

No one else's videos really capture the feeling of the local beach.

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  1. Thanks Julie, I love that you share your creativity. ;o)