Sunday, March 5, 2017

This past week wasn't as bad as I imagined.

If I don't blog, does that mean nothing good happened all week?
I thought so, but when I looked in my phone I found some interesting stuff after all.

On Monday I noticed that all of my caterpillars were gone.
They didn't turn into cocoons, either...
Some of them were on the ground, dead.
Maybe a bird tried to eat them, or maybe the plant came with some kind of pesticide on it from the store.

Later, I found one tiny caterpillar alive.

I bought four square seat cushions at Daiso the other day, and put them on a bench outside.
They fit perfectly!

I sewed them together so the dog doesn't drag them away and chew them up.

The hanging baskets I made last Memorial day needed replanting, so I bought plants and did that.

I found four matching hanging baskets at the Dollar Tree, but I don't like the bright, white twine they use to hang it with.

This week, I was also busy helping a fund raising committee at our church.
I didn't volunteer at all, but somehow I am now on the committee.
I was given a list and had to call 70 parishioners this week, and invite them to church.

Also, Ash Wednesday happened.

We had over twenty services at the church (one every hour in two buildings) and also delivered ministers with ashes to ten neighborhoods.
I didn't take pictures, but the light-saber vendors were there.

I was also busy with Mom's appointments.
She was supposed to get an MRI yesterday, to begin her next chemo treatment.
The machine broke down so we had to go back home!
Another delay.

This tutorial about making a dragon's eye ornament came up on my You Tube recommendations.

I happen to have all kinds of nail polish, and glass cabochons too.

You paint layers of nail polish on the back side, and make an eye.
Here is the pupil.
I was trying to make it look like a crocodile eye. They have a funny looking pupil.

I realized I don't own any truly black nail polish anymore. That's sad!

You paint a few layers of polish, and scratch into it with a pointy tool.

Kind of like drawing on scratch board.

Here's the finished result:


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  1. A busy week! I love your caterpillar!
    Maybe do an enlargement or collage?
    ... in your free time? ;o)