Friday, March 31, 2017

My least favorite color is green.

Mom has been back home for a while now.
She hasn't gotten any worse, although she can make some understandable words now.

This week we talked to the oncologist, Mom, and the family.
Mom still wants treatment.

The latest chemo medicine might take weeks before we see results.

We all decided we would try radiation, which has all kinds of side effects.
We had put it off until now, but now we have run out of options.

Everything is just a mess of appointments...

I found some time to visit the painter earlier this week.

He said he had ordered the paint, but he wanted me to check it out first before painting the car.

I am not unhappy about the delay!
In fact I am grateful that he can store my car, while working on his regular business.

He opened a can of paint and it was green!

He said "this is the factory color this car was, plus you said you wanted it one shade darker."

It was just great!

I showed him pictures of the original car.

This was the car I had for 15 years, that I wrecked (almost exactly 2 years ago.)
It looked black from some angles, but in fact it was a metallic, changeful green.

I bumped up the saturation on this old photo so you can see that it was in fact, green:

(Why aren't my rims that shiny anymore?)

At one point, the paint began to fall off, and I took it to a One Day Paint And Body.

Although I picked out the color from a book of samples, it ended up "Army green!" or "Waste Management Green."

All my car club friends made fun of me for years.
The shop made a good job of it, though, aside from the color, so I didn't ask for a refund.
They are out of business now, anyway.

I brought the sample stick home and when it dried it was super dark!

I don't have many pictures of that old green car, after it had been repainted.

I have many parts left over, all over my backyard, like this headlight cover.
As you can see, it is the color of garbage cans all over the world:

In direct light the color on the stick looks only slightly darker.
But this new paint has the right kind of changeful sheen.

I can't wait. The color was the only thing I had my doubts about.

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  1. i think it's strangely meaningful how the painting of your soon to be green car and the ebb & flow of Momm's status have woven together. I feel honored to be included in the progress, in other words, so glad you blog Julie! ;o)