Monday, March 13, 2017


Morale has been pretty low at home lately.
We still don't know the status of Mom's cancer, or whether or not she will get the chemo.
We have an appointment on Thursday.

In the mean time I have been working in my garden.

I pulled weeds and replaced them with rocks, around the fish pond.



I had done this a few years ago, but the rocks had become buried over time.
I added a 3 square foot bag of "pond pebbles."

The larger rocks (collected at parks, beach, etc.) help to discourage the dogs from trampling the plants.

I was scared of spiders so I didn't get to the center of the plants...

On the other side of the pond was a large overgrown fern. And grass.
I don't have "before" pictures, but it was hanging into the water.

It was hard to get to, so I put a patio chair in the middle of the pond.
That way I could dig in the plants without leaning on them (and have bugs crawl on me)

When I got up, the cat had to inspect my work:

I added another 3 sq ft bag of rocks, and it covered some of the back side, too.

Another thing I did this week put a trellis for some jasmine to climb up over the statue:

Dad made a nice arch many decades ago, but it fell apart over time.

I found this cheap trellis for $15, and added some wood stain to make it look nicer.

I need a third piece to go across the top.
It looks kinda flimsy...
I didn't want to buy a really fancy arch until I saw what it looked like.

Maybe I will use these for my tomatoes, and buy something else...

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  1. Garden looks good and that's good therapy too.
    Hope you'll use the new journal you Sister sent?
    Take good to your family too. ♥