Thursday, February 23, 2017

Weekly report.

Taking care of Mom seems to be taking up most of my time.
I think she needs more care than ever before.

Every time she goes into the hospital, everything gets cancelled and has to be started over.
We are working to get her a nurse to come to our house again.
A few nurses came to evaluate her this week.

Thursday is her visit with the Chemo doctor; we'll see if the insurance approved the new treatment or not.

I painted a few pages in my journal:

I had a dream that I went to my high school reunion.
(My 20 yr reunion was two years ago and I did not go.)
The dream was about picking out a dress. And a guy I had a crush on, who ignored me.
I was wearing a lacy, sky blue dress and I felt fat.

The same day I had another dream where I was selected to be on a talk show with Harrison Ford!
I don't know why him? Probably cause he's in the news.
I was going to give him an award. But I also had to pick out a dress.

This time Mom was in the dream. She said don't wear light blue, it doesn't flatter you.
I knew she had a lot of nice dresses because she always had good taste in clothes.
To my dismay, all the dresses in her closet were eaten by moths, and had holes.

Over the weekend, I bought another "butterfly bush" so the caterpillars could have more to eat.
The plant they had been laid on, didn't look very healthy.
It looks like they mostly moved over to the new bush.

I did some other gardening as well this week.

Sam (the cutest dog ever) So happy that I ventured out of the house this week.

I didn't go to Best Buy yet, to try to revive my portable hard drive.

I decided to see how the guy with the surf videos was handling the recent storms.
I don't like his new YouTube handle, "Man Of Water."
But I still think his videos must be the closest thing to getting in the water...

I was supposed to mail order and buy a door handle, and some rubber window sills this week, for the Green car, so the painter could attach it when the car was finished.

The car should be done any day now, and I didn't do the ordering!!!

Meanwhile I've figured out how to get the Red car to start.
(It needs a new fuel pump or something related.)
Now that I know it's going to try to die unexpectedly, when I start it, I just rev it up a lot and that keeps it alive, and I haven't had to use the starting fluid all week.
But I am still scared to drive it very far away.

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  1. Love the "mothy" dress page, great composition & colors. You always have strange dreams, right? I love hearing of you day, wishing Mom healing and comfort. ♥