Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Mom's back home. I've got lots of free time.

Yesterday the doctors decided Mom is well enough to come back home, and she's back home.
She will be taking steroids again, which will reduce her tumor temporarily.
It will also make her legs swell up and her blood sugar go up.
But at least she will be able to interact with us.

The doctors gave us some treatment options.
She has had 3 kinds of chemo treatments so far.
The last one was a pill she took at home for a few days each month, and we think that one wasn't working.
We are going to try the previous chemo, which requires her to spend the day at the hospital.
We might also try radiation, but it will be hard to focus the radiation on a certain part of the brain compared with other areas of the body.

Yesterday I took some pictures of the sunrise, from Mom's hospital room.
I'm not usually a morning person, but there was nothing else to do.

The same mountains and freeway, later in the morning:

I took the next few days off from work.
Mom can't be left alone, because she might do something.
That gives me plenty of time to sit around and make crafts.

I started out this morning by sorting out some jewelry projects that didn't go anywhere.

I finished the earrings inspired by the Chinese New Year fireworks.
I removed the large chains and replaced them with a smaller chain I found.

This necklace and earrings were something I made last year:

I was trying to copy something I saw in the Sundance catalog.
In the end I thought the result was too clumsy.

Today I looked at it, and decided to remove the chain, take apart the earrings, and connect the red beaded parts.

I didn't know what kind of bead to put in between.

In the end I made this necklace:

I decided it would be a Valentine's day present for Mom.
I made it long so she can slide it over her head.

The dragonflies will be earrings (for me since it isn't practical for Mom to wear them.)

They remind me of the red dragonfly I saw by our fish pond in the summer.

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  1. So glad your Mom is doing better.
    I love the early AM photos,
    you might try them in collage sometime?
    Take good care! ♥