Thursday, February 9, 2017

Mom might be OK, I might be getting sick.

Mom is not doing any worse.
Her nurse said again, there is nothing wrong with her vital signs, but she was definitely sleepier than usual.
Her neuro-oncologist will be looking at last week's MRI.
If he sees anything serious, we will have an appointment soon.

At work Monday, I saw that a tow truck had finally arrived to tow away the guy living in his truck that the Charity had brought onto our lot.

(I heard that the School Principal was so upset about him, she developed a tic.)

Apparently, the tow truck driver wouldn't let the guy ride in the towed vehicle, (he's sure the tow truck drivers are stealing his stuff) so the guy cussed out the tow truck driver and caused the tow truck to leave!
The guy called us staff "demon worshipers," (real original) and cussed at the pastor for an hour or so, too.
We called the Charity and they brought another tow (I'm sure they had to pay for this one this time) but at last he is gone.

Tuesday we had a domestic violence situation, which I won't discuss...

Wednesday (last night now) I came home early, but at 8:30 PM the helicopter was flying overhead, blaring an announcement about a lost 11 year old girl, wearing gray...

Everyone at work has had a nasty flu, lately. (At least one person at work is always sick at any given time.)

Today I had vague headaches and throat pains but nothing definite.
Thursday is my day off, so I will get plenty of rest. Also I've had a flu shot.

To prevent colds, I wash my hands regularly, and I disinfect the shared computers and phones with Lysol when I get in, (if I remember to do it before I use them!)
It might sound excessive to spray the phone with Lysol, and I don't like abusing antibiotics, but, for instance I had to let the homeless guy use the phone to call the Charity.

I just made a super hot curry, which I've only been using for a few months but it seems to have helped me when I thought I was getting sick. (Also the flu shot.)
It's a powdered curry mix that I bought at Fresh Choice.

It goes with coconut milk, and a protein, but I add as much fresh green chili, onions, garlic, more grated turmeric (you can get real turmeric root all kinds of places now) and ginger that I can handle.
I didn't have chicken, which would have been better, so I made it with shrimp.
Then put I put it on rice noodles, (or rice) because otherwise it's inedible!

(I didn't take a picture because curry isn't pretty.)

My theory is that the pain of eating it shocks the immune system into overdrive.
Or maybe it releases endorphins so I no longer feel crappy...

Either way, I wasn't even feeling like blogging 5 minutes ago... but now I'm OK!

I was determined to make something artistic after work today.
When I got into my drawing room, I was astonished at how (relatively) clean it was.
So I cleaned some more, and spent two hours cleaning instead of drawing.

I made a grid.

I started out with the Valentine Washi tape from Daiso.
I liked the blue/purple colored paper from a magazine ad.
I ended it with a berries stamp with purple ink.

It's hard for me to get away from the flower/sun shape.

I sprayed a page with water and sprinkled it with some of the new Brusho brand powdered pigments I bought recently.

I'd like to say that I didn't know what to draw or write after that, but I did, and it's personal.

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