Friday, February 3, 2017


I've been pretty tired so I spent my day off sleeping.
Mom is pretty much the same, sleepy and incoherent.
I didn't go to Jacki's class, and I didn't make any jewelry.

Last night I dreamed that Don the mechanic had painted the Green Car himself.
It was spotted like a leopard...
Some of the guys had plastered racing stickers all over it.
"It wasn't what I expected," I said, although I couldn't complain.

Don is such a nice guy, he probably would paint it if he could, but his expertise is swapping 350 fuel injected motors (and all the wiring) into 3rd Gen F-Bodies that don't already have fuel injection, and really good exhausts on anything.

I called Roberto the car painter but got an answering machine.
I decided to go there unannounced and see what was going on.

I found Green Car parked way down the street.

I expressed my unhappiness about how long it's taking, (but that I liked the work he did.)
I didn't tell him how relieved I am that the ugly carcass is not rusting in my driveway.
I haven't been there or seen my car since late December...

I did tell Roberto I'm glad to see that it hasn't "flown away."
He always says he puts it in his garage at the end of the day, but I'm still concerned about thieves.

Don the mechanic's shop is a mile away and he says that it's true, he goes past the painter sometimes, and doesn't see the car setting outside.

The painter said "10 more days" and my car was the very next one he would be working on.

Today at work I met a guy whose truck was stolen from the church parking lot last week.

We have an ongoing problem with people, like neighbors, leaving their cars parked here for weeks.
Some people are selling them, most don't have anywhere to put them.
A few people are living out of their cars.
None of them come in and say "Hey I'm leaving my car here."

The new office manager has been posting notices and having them towed if they aren't moved within a week or so.

This person today, said he just parked his truck while he went to work, and came back at 9 at night and it was gone.

The homeless guy from this week, who actually has permission to be parked there, was moved to another part of the property away from the school.
The charity working with him was unable to find anywhere else to tow his truck.

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  1. Hope you're feeling stronger each day. We missed you! ;o)